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Say So Long to Summer with a Chimney Sweep Aurora

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Say So Long to Summer with a Chimney Sweep Aurora

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Summer is steadily slipping away, and before you know it you’ll be wanting to get cozy by a warm fire to ring in the winter. Before you do this, however, there are some things that you must do to prepare. We at Master Services realize that you are busy and that taking care of all the small things in your home can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. However, things can be rather simple when it comes to getting your chimney ready for the winter… it usually boils down to having an inspection and a chimney sweep Aurora. Let’s delve a little deeper into these services and examine some common questions that people have pertaining to this subject so that when you finally do want to light a fire, you can do so with confidence.

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Q: Do I have to get an inspection on my chimney every year?

A: To maintain the utmost safety and functionality of your chimney, you should most certainly get an inspection at least once a year. There is a popular misconception that you don’t really need an inspection unless something is wrong with your chimney, however this is false. You will save time and money and prevent serious problems with your chimney by getting an annual inspection. You will also be protecting the safety of yourself and your family. If a problem arises and you are not aware of it, some rather unpleasant consequences could be the result, such as property loss and even house fires.

Q: Do I have to get a chimney sweep Aurora every year?

A: No, not necessarily. Although you must have an inspection every year, you do not necessarily need to get a chimney sweep Aurora. How often you have a chimney sweep Aurora is actually dependent on how often you use your chimney. As a general rule, we recommend that you get a chimney sweep Aurora for every quart of wood that you burn. At Masters Services, we have conveniently built the price of an inspection into the price of a chimney sweep Aurora, so most people just go ahead and opt to have the chimney sweep Aurora when they get an inspection.

Q: My chimney was not functioning properly last winter. Can you help me?

A: Of course! Any repair work that needs to be done will be revealed in the inspection, and under most circumstances, the same technician who performs the inspection will be able to come back out and perform the repair work as well.

If you have more questions about a chimney sweep Aurora, call Masters Services at (303) 720-7096.

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