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Now is the time to get your custom Chimney Caps Grapevine.

Now is the time to get your custom Chimney Caps Grapevine.

What better time of year to make sure your chimney is safe and secure with a custom chimney caps Grapevine than with the coming season!

We all love sitting by a nice, warm, cozy fire. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to enjoy some quality time kicking back by the fire. And now that your chimney is all swept and taken care of, don’t you want to preserve the quality of your chimney by getting a custom chimney cap to keep the birds, squirrels, raccoons, rats and other animals out? It will also keep dampness out and will help to prevent water leakage/ water damage.

Any cap you can dream of!

We can custom make your Grapevine chimney cap, to almost any chimney cap you could dream up. Our chimney cap makers have trained with the best and our chimney caps have a lifetime warranty.

Our chimney caps were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The article covered the fact that chimney caps do not just have to be functional, they can be fashionable. Why not design your very own personal chimney cap, and make an “architectural statement” when choosing your custom chimney cap for your Grapevine home.

Masters Services can make your Grapevine custom chimney cap out of steel, copper, or other materials such as a natural metal finish. You can choose from a variety of custom chimney cap Grapevine colors to suit your personal taste and match the colors and style of your roof and home. You can order a traditional matte black or brown, or you can go with a rich terra-cotta, deep red, or colonial red. Or, you can work with cool tones such as forest green, teal, or Hartford green.

Now lets move onto another topic that is deeper than looks- it’s the proper FUNCTION of your chimney. Drafting problems can occur with an improper or unprofessional chimney install. I’m guessing you don’t want the scene in your living room to look anything like this:


This photo above is an example of what can happen if you were to improperly install a low quality, store bought cheap chimney cap. It was not the right style or fit, which in turn caused a drafting issue. Our chimney caps, on the other hand are custom made and designed specifically for your chimney, and your chimney alone. Our technicians are experienced in installing our custom caps. We want to help prevent you from having a drafting problem like the above photo.

Take a look at our website or call Masters Services at (972) 877-4650 to see more photos and information on our custom chimney caps.

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