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Chimney Cap Dallas

Masters Services (972) 877-4650 can install a chimney cap in Dallas, Texas for any chimney top.

Chimney caps for Dallas, Texas are made to cover the chimney top, terminate the chimney chase, act as a spark arrestor, keep out moisture, prevent birds and animals out of the chimney and fireplace, protect the brick work and mortar crown, and to make the exterior of the house more decorative.

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[one_third] Custom Chimney Cap [/one_third]

Flat Lid Chimney Caps are made to custom fit any chimney top. The price of a flat lid chimney cap in Dallas, Texas ranges from $400 – $600 on average. All our caps keep out birds and wildlife from nesting inside the chimney. Our Dallas chimney caps prevent water damage to the chimney flue and damper.

[title_style_three color=”d424242″ size=”16″] Masonry Chimney Flue- Hip Lid Chimney Cap [/title_style_three]

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Hip lid chimney caps in Dallas, Texas are more decorative than the flat lid chimney caps. The hip lid chimney cap can be installed to help down drafting or help with drafting. There is no guarantee it will effect drafting in any way, but never has a bad negative draft effect causing a good draft to go bad.

Offered in almost any colored steel to match any gutter or roof shingle color for an average of $650 – $900. If you would prefer copper the average cost is $1000 – $1600 depending on chimney cap installation difficulty.

How to get a chimney cap Dallas installed? Call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 and set up a free estimate. A trained chimney professional will come out and give a free evaluation of the exterior of the chimney and give you a free estimate on a chimney cap.

Once the chimney cap and any other work is accepted by the customer the installation will be scheduled. It will take a few days to fabricate the cap. The chimney cap will form fit the exact measurements of your chimney top.

Now that the chimney cap in Dallas is ready for installation, we will repair any necessary issues that were quoted in the initial estimate and install the chimney cap.

Masters Services also does commercial chimney caps.

Commercial Chimney Caps for Apartments
Commercial Apartment Chimney Caps

Masters Services can install 50 chimney caps or 500 chimney caps, we have the manpower and the space to take on any commercial chimney cap or chimney situation. When hiring Masters Services you are hiring the fabricator and the installer. We take the liability of the fabricator and installer. Otherwise your hiring any chimney sweep for a chimney cap, then he turns around and hires a sheet metal shop to fabricate the chimney cap. If the cap falls apart the chimney sweep doesn’t assume liability, the sheet metal shop does if they can honor that the installation was done correctly. See what I mean with who does what, we take that situation out. Masters Services honors all our warranties and guarantees them on every estimate or invoice.

If you are in need of a chimney cap in Dallas, Masters Services can install one for every budget, size of chimney, and style of chimney cap your chimney would require.

Here is some copper chimney caps installed in Dallas, Texas.

Copper Chimney ShroudCustom Copper Chimey CapPot Toppers for chimney
Custom Copper Chimney Cap

Copper chimney caps are one of Masters Services specialties. Many chimney sweeps only offer what they can carry on their trucks, we offer whatever appearance the customer desires for their chimney top.

Call the master in Chimney Caps Dallas, Masters Services (972)877-4650.

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