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Masters Services 2nd Certified Chimney Professional Certificate

Jon Michaud Earns Certified Chimney Professional Certificate

A Dallas chimney sweep Masters Services earns second Certified Chimney Professional Certificate. Jon Michaud has studied and passed the Certified Chimney Professional test. Masters Services is proud of our general manager. Jon becomes the 2nd member of Master Services to earn the CCP certificate. Founder, Chad Murray, earned his CCP certificate over 8 years ago and now has become a Certified Master Chimney Technician.

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Masters Services Jon Michaud Certified Chimney

Why are there not more Certified Chimney Professionals in Dallas TX?

Why are there not more Certified Chimney Professionals in Dallas? One can only speculate. A chimney services provider in Texas is not mandated to become certified for chimney sweeping and inspections. It is left up to the individual company to take it upon themselves to study and pass a chimney certification. For some reason Dallas has had a culture of not having certified chimney companies. Many of the old chimney companies did not get certified due to the governing bodies did not have a good Association for testing. Now in 2020, there are 3 good chimney certification organizations. The 3 organizations are the National Fireplace Institute, Chimney Safety institute of America, and Certified Chimney Professionals.

So, when looking in Dallas, Texas for a chimney service it is in your best interest to find a company that has taken it to the level of becoming certified in the industry. It becomes a question of why would you not hire someone that has proven to know the codes and proper procedures to getting your chimney properly functioning and up to code. There are many companies out there that will sway you into they’ve been in business long enough and that they know what they’re doing however they have never done any studying to prove anything that what they’re saying is true. I myself before becoming certified thought I knew everything to only find out I knew not half of what I needed to know to service clients properly.

How do you know you got a good safety inspection for your chimney and fireplace?

Masters Services proves everything in all of it’s chimney safety inspections with images of what needs to be corrected and a video of the flue. We are looking to see if the chimney is up to code, free of animals and animal debris, crack free and a perfectly lined chimney flue, smoke chamber is crack free, and firebox is solid. We’re also looking to see if the structure was built correctly and is in good working condition. Being certified, we know exactly the condition your chimney or fireplace needs to currently be to pass inspection. We are constantly finding things out of the ordinary that should be corrected. Fireplaces and chimneys are man-made so the factor comes into is it build correctly or not.

Chimneys and fireplaces are not all built the same way. Knowing how to do a good fireplace and chimney safety inspection is important when the it is built a certain custom way. Custom built chimneys can work great as long as they are built up to code however they also can be built to where they don’t work and are still up to code. You know you got a good safety inspection when the oddities are pointed out and reported on your inspection report.

Prior to hiring a chimney servicing company you should ask if they provide a good safety inspection with pictures and a camera video inspection of the chimney flue. You cannot inspect a chimney flue with a flashlight or with the naked eye. Just last week one of my inspectors was camera inspecting a chimney that looked to be in good solid condition only to find out the clay tile chimney liner had then somehow moved out of place. This flue tile created an opening into the chimney chase. All liners must be solid at crack free to pass inspection and burn correctly for a safe fire. We would have not discovered this without our camera inspection. Also last week we had a customer call us that had a chimney cleaning an inspection by a non certified chimney company. upon our chimney safety inspection we learned their chimney pipe had separated and they had had a chimney fire. You would have not known this and less you ran a camera up the chimney pipe.

Jon Michaud is Masters Services General Manager

Jon has been working for master services for over 10 years. Under Chad’s watchful eye has learned to manage the codes and proper procedures for our Dallas chimney sweep clients. John deals with the codes and the proper repairs every day assisting our educators (sales people / inspectors) and installation crews. All of Masters services procedures have been driven from the NFPA 211 and the CCP manual. Jon has now studied and passed the Certified Chimney Professional test after years of preparing with experience.

Jon has been able to manage the increase in sales by almost double since he took over the day to day operations. Jon has thrived at managing our 35 full time employees all year round and over 50 employees during the peak fall season. Since we service 3 major cities Jon has help with an additional general manager Brian McMahon. Brian has been with us for over ten years. He is the reason for our expansion into the Houston market. Brian is studying to be a CSIA certified chimney sweep. He attends the week long training in April 2020.

Congratulations Jon Michaud on becoming a Certified Chimney Professional. If you are interested in hiring Masters Services for your chimney needs call 972-877-460 in Dallas and 713-723-4854 in Houston.

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