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Brick Restoration

Brick Restoration

Masters Service has over 18 years of experience in brick repair and brick restoration

Do the bricks on your home have signs of damage or aging? When bricks have started to show cracks, spalling, missing mortar and so on there is a solution for you. Getting Dallas brick repair done on your home can not only fix trouble spots but make it look like they were never there. There is a considerable amount of training and experience that goes into laying bricks, then add an aesthetic touch to it and giving your home an uplift or correcting damages can become quite beautiful. Our technicians are trained in not only the basics of brick work but also the nuances of mortar matching, filling mortar, replacing bricks and brick repair.

Houston brick repair can also be done on your home, chimney and mailbox. If you have had a driver back into your mailbox and knock it loose or even damage bricks we are able to make it like new!

If there is something that needs repair at your home call us (972) 877-4650 or (713) 723-4854 for a free estimate on getting it repaired before the damages get worse.


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