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Birds in the Chimney

If you have birds in the chimney call Master Services DFW (972) 877-4650, Houston (713) 723-4854, Oklahoma City (405) 236-1111 or Denver (303) 720-7096 for effective service.

When you have run into a situation where there are birds in the chimney one of the most taxing parts about the situation is the noise, it can really sound like they are right next to your ear the way the sound echoes though the chimney. The other thing that can happen with birds in the chimney is that once they are able to fly away they leave their nesting materials. Over time this can build up and cause issues with your fireplace drafting properly as well as potentially cause chimney and roof fires it some of the particles catch fire and drift out of the chimney. In most cases the birds in the chimney are there due to not having a properly installed chimney cap with animal proofing in place on the chimney.

Most homeowners are not aware of this but in most cases where there are birds in the chimney these birds are Chimney Swifts, a federally protected bird as issued by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Neither birds nor nests can be removed from chimney without a federally-issued permit. We have noticed there is a larger situation at hand here where despite the Chimney Swift being a federally protected bird there are companies that will remove them from chimneys at the homeowners request without permit. These companies often allow the removal and “relocation” to be done at the request of the homeowner all the while knowing that the “relocation” ends in death for these birds.

It is with this in mind that Master Services developed and practices our signature services for birds in the chimney. When you call us about birds in your chimney we will not only address the root of the situation, in most cases no animal barrier on your chimney cap or no chimney cap but we will also offer you a solution to the noise and annoyance that you are facing with birds in the chimney. We have industrial sized foam that is cut to fit your chimney and placed up close to your damper and in some cases fills in your firebox to sound proof your chimney until the birds have matured and are able to leave your chimney on their own. At this time we will remove the foam, clean your chimney and place your chimney cap.

When you have encountered birds in the chimney call Master Services for humane and legal assistance with their removal DFW (972) 877-4650, Houston (713) 723-4854, Oklahoma City (405) 236-1111 or Denver (303) 720-7096.

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