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Birds in Chimney

If you have birds in chimney call Master Services DFW (972) 877-4650, Houston (713) 723-4854, Oklahoma City (405) 236-1111 or Denver (303) 720-7096 for the humane and effective service possible.

Have you been hearing a chirping sound in your chimney? Maybe you’ve seen a dark animal darting around outside, then retreating into your chimney. Many people guess that a bat has nested in their chimney; however, often times, it is really a bird in chimney. The birds in chimney that you are dealing with may be one of several different species of bird; however, the most common one that troubles people is the chimney swift.

The chimney swift got its name from their rapid flight and their tendency to nest in chimneys. They are also sometimes called chimney bats and chimney swallows. They are small birds; they are only about five inches long, and they weigh less than an ounce. However, they have a wingspan of up to twelve inches. Unlike other birds, chimney swifts are unable to land horizontally. This leaves them looking for coarse, vertical surfaces to perch on, such as the insides of hollow trees… or chimneys! Humans are rapidly developing land these days, leaving less and less options for the chimney sweeps. Thus, they are forced to nest in chimneys versus hollow trees.

Having a birds in chimney can be quite a nuisance. Birds can be extremely loud, especially when they are very young. If you need a birds in chimney removed, call Masters Services and a professional wildlife removal technician will come out and humanely handle the bird in chimney. Chimney swifts are an endangered species and they are not to be killed. In fact, they are protected by federal law. Many companies, will, however, get rid of the birds even if that means ending their lives. Masters Services takes a different approach. Basically, the birds are only going to stay in the chimney as long as it takes for the babies to reach a point where they can fly on their own. So, Masters Services comes out and places foam material up against the damper to drown out any noises the birds may be making. This allows you to live comfortably while the bird in chimney matures. After about two to three weeks, the birds will usually leave on their own. Chimney sweeps live almost their entire lives in the air, and are not interested in permanently living in your chimney. They really just want a safe place to raise their young until the babies can fly… and this doesn’t take that long. There’s no reason to kill the birds when you can simply mute the noises that they are making until you can correctly evict them and fix the problem.

For humane and legal help with birds in chimney call Master Services DFW (972) 877-4650, Houston (713) 723-4854, Oklahoma City (405) 236-1111 or Denver (303) 720-7096.

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