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Arlington Fireplace Remodel

Transform your current fireplace into virtually any design you can envision using stone and brick.

Your fireplace isn’t merely a source of warmth; it’s a canvas for creating cherished memories within your home and can significantly enhance your property’s overall value. At Masters Services Chimney Sweep, where we excel in Arlington Chimney Repairs, Arlington Chimney Caps, Arlington Chimney Sweep, and Arlington Fireplace Remodels, we’re your trusted experts for all things chimney and fireplace-related in Texas.

Our team, renowned for their exceptional expertise, takes pride in offering a wide range of possibilities when it comes to fireplace remodeling or construction. Whether you envision a modern, sleek update or a classic, timeless makeover for your fireplace, we have the experience and skills to turn your dreams into reality while ensuring that your fireplace operates safely and efficiently.

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If you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call today! Our friendly staff is prepared to help you with your chimney sweep and repair needs.

Our chimney sweep services are comprehensive, so whatever your chimney needs are, don’t hesitate to call. Chimney Caps, chimney sweep, chimney repair, relining, rebuilding, and much more- we’re passionate about our services and our team’s skilled expertise. In fact, we don’t just provide quality chimney cap installations, but we’re also a chimney cap fabricator. We pay attention to every detail and offer chimney inspections because we want your fireplace to be a safe place you enjoy with your loved ones. We service chimneys in all of our services areas, especially Denton, Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City.

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    What truly sets Masters Services apart is our unwavering commitment to customer service and the quality of our work. We understand that your fireplace is a focal point in your home, and we are dedicated to making it the best it can be. From Arlington Chimney Repairs that keep your chimney functioning flawlessly to the addition of Arlington Chimney Caps for added protection and safety, our attention to detail is second to none.

    When you choose us for your Arlington Fireplace Remodels, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner in enhancing the heart of your home. We invite you to experience the exceptional level of care and craftsmanship that defines Masters Services. Schedule a consultation with Arlington Chimney Sweep today and let’s transform your fireplace into a work of art and a source of warmth and joy for years to come.

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    Stone Fireplace in living room. We explain to each homeowner common chimney problems and how to prevent them.

    Fireplace Remodel Ideas

    Elevate your living space by exploring these innovative fireplace remodel ideas. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of modern minimalism, the cozy charm of rustic materials, or the bold statement of a unique surround, there’s a design concept to match your style and preferences. Consider the functional elegance of double-sided fireplaces, the artistic allure of striking tile patterns, or the space-saving contemporary appeal of wall-mounted options. You can also transform your existing fireplace with a fresh coat of paint, incorporate built-in shelving for multifunctionality, or venture outdoors with an inviting outdoor fireplace. These ideas provide endless inspiration to turn your fireplace into a captivating centerpiece that reflects your vision and enhances your home’s aesthetic, with the assistance of experts like Masters Services ensuring safety, efficiency, and lasting appeal.

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    Modern Minimalism

    Embrace a sleek, contemporary look by choosing clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalistic design elements. Opt for a streamlined gas fireplace, complemented with a monochromatic color palette for a chic, uncluttered aesthetic.

    Rustic Charm

    If you prefer a more traditional and cozy atmosphere, consider a rustic fireplace remodel. Incorporate natural stone or reclaimed wood for a timeless look that exudes warmth and comfort. Add a rustic mantel and antique accessories for that authentic touch.

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    Outdoor Fireplace

    Extend your living space by adding an outdoor fireplace. It creates an inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings, providing warmth and ambiance during chilly evenings. Consider options like a stone fire pit or a contemporary gas fireplace for your outdoor oasis.

    Statement Surround

    Choose a distinctive surround for your fireplace, such as a carved wooden frame, a mosaic tile design, or a metal accent. A unique surround can instantly draw attention and provide an artistic touch to your space.

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    What Materials Can I Remodel My Fireplace With?

    When embarking on a fireplace remodel, choosing the right materials is crucial to achieving your desired look and functionality. Here are some popular materials to consider:

    • Natural Stone: Natural stone, such as granite, limestone, slate, or marble, offers timeless elegance and durability. It can be used for the fireplace surround, hearth, or even the entire facade for a classic and luxurious appearance.
    • Reclaimed Wood: Reclaimed wood adds a rustic and cozy feel to your fireplace. It can be used for mantels, shelves, or even as a cladding material for a warm, weathered look.
    • Brick: Exposed brick is a classic choice that can be used to create a traditional or industrial aesthetic. You can leave it in its natural state for a rustic look or paint it for a more contemporary feel.
    • Tile: Tiles come in a wide range of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and even metal. They offer endless design possibilities, from intricate mosaic patterns to sleek, monochromatic surfaces.
    • Concrete: For a modern and minimalist look, concrete can be molded into various shapes and finishes. It’s a versatile material that can be used for the surround, hearth, or even to create a contemporary mantel.
    • Metal: Metal accents, such as stainless steel or brass, can be used to create a sleek and industrial vibe. They can be incorporated into the surround, mantel, or even as decorative elements.
    • Paint: Don’t underestimate the power of paint to transform your fireplace. A fresh coat of paint on the existing brick or stone can breathe new life into your fireplace, allowing you to change its color and style.
    • Cultured Stone: This man-made stone alternative replicates the look of natural stone at a lower cost. It comes in various colors and textures, providing flexibility in design.
    • Glass: Glass can be used for a modern, reflective fireplace surround, creating a contemporary and visually striking focal point.
    • Composite Materials: Composite materials like MDF or concrete board are ideal for building custom mantels, shelves, or surrounds. They are easy to work with and can be painted or finished to your preference.
    Stone Fireplace in living room. We explain to each homeowner common chimney problems and how to prevent them.

    Masonry fireplace remodels

    Masonry fireplaces are known for their enduring charm and structural integrity, but they can benefit from a thoughtful remodel to breathe new life into your living space. Masonry fireplace remodels offer the opportunity to preserve the timeless beauty of traditional fireplaces while adapting them to modern aesthetics and practical needs. Consulting with experienced professionals can help you make informed choices and ensure that your masonry fireplace remodel is both safe and visually stunning.

    Upgraded Fireplace Systems

    Fireplace systems have evolved beyond traditional wood-burning hearths, offering enhanced convenience, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. When exploring upgraded fireplace systems, it’s essential to align your choice with your home’s design, heating needs, and personal style. Consult with experts to ensure that the installation and operation of your upgraded fireplace meet safety standards and local regulations, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    Wood burning fireplace remodel

    Revitalizing a wood-burning fireplace is an excellent way to maintain the classic charm of a real fire while modernizing its appearance and functionality. A wood-burning fireplace remodel allows you to balance the timeless appeal of a traditional fire with modern aesthetics and practicality. Collaborating with experienced professionals ensures that your wood-burning fireplace remodel is not only visually appealing but also safe and efficient, providing both comfort and an inviting atmosphere in your home.

    Gas Fireplace Remodel

    Modernizing a gas fireplace offers convenience, efficiency, and style. When remodeling a gas fireplace, prioritize both aesthetics and safety. Consult with professionals to ensure proper installation, venting, and compliance with local regulations. With the right design choices, your gas fireplace can become a stunning and efficient centerpiece in your home.

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