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Wildlife Control: How to Get rid of Raccoons from Your Basement or Attic

If you’re concerned about raccoons invading your home, there are a variety of ways to prevent them from breaking and entering. Here are a few tips on how to keep raccoons away from your home.

  • Make sure you cover your fireplace with a spark arrester. Also make sure that the screen is secure and intact.
  • Trim down any tree limbs that may be hanging over your home. Raccoons can easily use tree limbs to climb and jump onto the roof of your home. Wild life removal companies suggest trimming down tree branches to around 5 ft. away from the roof.
  • Always keep your attic windows and doors closed to avoid pests from entering your home.
  • Don’t feed raccoons. When you try to feed raccoons, you’re only making the problem worse. If you feed your household pets outside, always bring in their food bowls after their meals. Never leave their food bowls hanging around – especially at night. If you have kids, make sure you check to see that there is no food or candy hanging around your yard.
  • Keep raccoons distracted. Although this is only a very temporary remedy, it can be effective. Consider getting a scarecrow or motion-detector flashing lights. Raccoons are also dislike the scent of bonemeal. Automatic sprinkler systems can also scare off raccoons. However, if you want to really get rid of raccoons, hire the services of a wild life removal company.
  • Avoid using chemicals for animal control. Certain chemicals are illegal to use when dealing with raccoon removal. For example, cyanide poisoning is illegal in certain states. Make sure you check with your town to see what chemicals are legal — better yet, contact a professional wildlife removal company. They have the skill and know-how when it comes to wildlife control.

What Should You Do When You Find a Dead Raccoon?

If you find a dead raccoon, never handle it with your bare hands. Raccoons are known to carry various bacterial infections and diseases. They also carry fleas, ticks, mites and lice. They can easily transmit parasites and roundworms through their feces. Handling a raccoon with your bare hands will not only jeopardize your health, it could jeopardize the health of anyone you come in contact with.  It is highly recommended that you seek the help from wildlife removal companies. A wild life technician will safely remove the dead animal from your home and sanitize its dwelling place.

If you need assistance with raccoon removal, contact a professional wild life removal company today.

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