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What Every Property Owner Needs to Know About Houston Animal Removal

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When wildlife invades a property, damage can occur quickly. Rodents, birds and other critters typically seek out structures for nesting and warmth. This means that what starts as one raccoon or mouse can quickly multiply into far more than you know how to handle. While it is tempting to tackle the problem with do-it-yourself methods, there are several important benefits you can gain from utilizing the services of a professional Houston animal removal company.

Signs of an Infestation Are Not Always Obvious

Typically, the signs of wildlife on your property are not obvious until the problem has gone on for some time. Scratching, chirps from the chimney and damaged building materials are a few obvious signs of an infestation. However, a Houston animal removal specialist can identify less obvious signs of an infestation, such as animal tracks or trails, during an inspection so that wildlife problems are eliminated before the damage is significant.

Poison is a Problem for Houston Animal Removal

One of the first things most homeowners turn to is poison, but this only leads to further problems. Poison takes time to work so most animals will eat it and run off somewhere to die. This often leads to dead animals inside wall spaces and other hard-to-reach areas where removal becomes even more difficult. Dead rats and other wildlife are not only unpleasant to smell, but they must be removed to prevent spreading disease.

The Threat of Damage is Serious

Sure, raccoons and mice may look cute from a distance. Yet, even just a few days in your property can lead to serious problems. For example, squirrels and rats love to chew through electrical wires, which can lead to a fire. Additionally, rodent droppings left behind must be cleaned up since they could potentially contaminate your property with deadly diseases such as Hantavirus. Often, rat infestations are not noticed until an entire family has taken residence, which means that the clean up can be extensive. Typically, all building materials that have been contaminated with feces or urine will need to be removed or sanitized to prevent the spread of disease.

Entry points

Animal Removal Requires a Strategic Approach

When dealing with wildlife, there is no catchall method for removal. While trapping works for raccoons, it is important to do it correctly because they can be vicious. Pregnant raccoons can often be forced out within 24 hours by using a scent deterrent that makes her believe that other animals are in her proximity. Armadillo removal, however, rarely come back to feed in the same place which means trapping could take weeks. Bat removal houston and rats, on the other hand, require extra precautions to ensure that they do not relocate to another area of the home during the removal process. Due to the unpredictable nature of wildlife, it is important to allow someone who is trained in Houston animal removal to handle any animal with the potential for dangerous behavior or that may be carrying disease.

Chimney Swifts are Federally Protected

These birds are one of the most common calls for Houston animal removal, and most property owners are unaware that relocation is forbidden under federal law. Since these bird removal from chimney do not stay in one place for long, they are usually in a chimney for nesting purposes. When these birds are found, a professional touch is required to apply special foam that will dampen the sound until the birds fly away. Then, you can have the chimney inspected and the damper repaired to prevent future infestations.

Prevention is the Best Maintenance Strategy

Wildlife creatures are wily, and they will follow the scent of a pheromone trail to find ideal places for shelter and nesting. If one animal has been in your home or business before, then you can guarantee that another one will come if you do not take the proper precautions. After a Houston animal removal, you will need to have your property professionally inspected to identify potential entryways. Chimneys are a hot spot for wildlife infestations, and it is common to discover during wildlife removal that either a chimney cap is not present or it is damaged. Repairing dampers and the chase may also be necessary as a preventative measure.

As a property owner, it is important to act quickly at the first sign of wildlife to avoid costly damage to your building or personal health. Have you heard scurrying, scratching or even spotted your culprit? If so, then call Masters Services at 713-723-4854 or stop by our offices located at 11665 Fuqua Dr. Houston, Texas 77034, so that we can help you successfully remove the pest and secure your property today.

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