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Problems with an Animal in the Attic Houston?

Animal in Attic Houston

For problems with an animal in the attic, Houston residents turn to Masters Services for help. When you’re sitting in the living room enjoying your favorite program on TV and hear the scurrying of little feet up in your attic it can get quite concerning. You have no idea what may be up there but know that whatever animal in the attic, Houston, has decided to make its new home there isn’t up to any good.

The main culprits that find a way into the attic include raccoons, mice, rats and squirrels, but it is possible to find other creatures up there as well. You may hear them chewing, scratching or you may even hear them squeaking or making other noises as they make their way around the room. If you suspect that you have an animal in the attic, Houston, it could be causing a variety of problems.

Squirrels in the attic

Squirrels love to make their way into an attic since it provides the perfect place to make a nest. When they are up there they may decide to chew on any exposed electrical wires, which can definitely be a fire hazard. They can also chew on the wood in the attic itself, leave behind droppings or end up dying and creating a foul odor. When you have squirrels, or another animal in the attic, Houston, you need to get them out quickly.

Squirrels can be tracked quite easily once they have entered the attic. If there is a nest of babies up there we can also remove them safely with the mother. We can then help you with the sanitizing and repair of the attic once they are gone, and then find the point of entry so that it can be blocked off. Once this is done you’ll never have to hear the patter-patter of small squirrel feet in your attic again.

Rats in the attic

If you have any type of animal in the attic, Houston, the situation needs to be dealt with quickly but it is especially so for rats. Rats are carriers of disease and if they are up in your attic you certainly don’t want them finding their way into the rest of the home as well. This type of rodent is an animal in the attic, Houston, which needs to be trapped quickly to protect you and the rest of the household from all of the many possible health hazards that they may pose.

Here at Masters Services we use snap traps instead of rat poison to catch this awful animal in the attic, Houston. That way you don’t end up with any dead rats in the walls. We will handle the rats and then remove them from your attic so that the problem is completely solved. As with the squirrel situation, we will find the entry point so that there is no possibility of any more rats entering your dwelling. You can count on our professionals to handle any type of problems you have with an animal in the attic Houston so that the problem gets resolved permanently.

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