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Why Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

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When’s the last time you had your air ducts cleaned out? If the answer is never or if you can’t remember then now is the time!

Waiting too long without a proper air duct cleaning can lead to harmful consequences for you and your family. These dangers could potentially cause many sicknesses and detrimental diseases. To prevent these illnesses from harming the people in your home, schedule an appointment with us! Click to learn more about Air Duct Cleaning to schedule an air duct cleaning appointment or find out more about our company.

You probably never think about the endless dangers that result from an unclean air duct because most people don’t know how crucial it is to have them cleaned in the first place. Getting your air ducts cleaned out every two to five years is beneficial and necessary for your family’s health.

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What are Air Ducts?

First, what exactly are air ducts and what is their purpose in houses. Air ducts are hidden tubes that connect together to make a pathway throughout the entirety of the house to ventilate air to each room. This is how your air conditioning works to reach every section of the home.

The air duct system is often referred to as the lungs of the house. Furthermore, this is because they improve the overall quality of air indoors and is necessary for proper air ventilation.

Effects of Unclean Air Ducts

Air ducts are meant to filter safe, conditioned air. Although, if the air ducts haven’t been cleaned, then they are slowly collecting more and more filth. Meaning, the air being spread throughout the home is no longer doing any favors for your family’s health. This air is no longer safe for your home and it could potentially be transferring harmful particles into your lungs.

An unclean air duct defeats the whole purpose of an air conditioning system and does the exact opposite of the intended use. The American Lung Association warns homeowners about the unsafe air that unclean ducts can lead to. Some of the components that poor air quality leads to can include: dangerous bacteria growth, skin and lung infection, and in the worst cases even lung diseases.

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Without clean air ducts, there is no way to prevent breathing in these toxins. While just sitting in the house for a couple of minutes, unsafe air is constantly being inhaled.

How to know it’s time for a Cleaning

Since dirty air isn’t visible, it can be difficult to detect an issue. Hazardous air could be infection you home without your knowledge,

The estimated time for each individual home differs depending on the contents inside the home. Houses with pets and or children should opt for a cleaning more frequently then usual.

If you had you’ve had an air duct cleaning completed within the last two years and you have children or pets present in the home, it might be a good idea to have them checked out for safety precautions.

In addition, if a member of the home has asthma or an existing lung disease it’s important to get them cleaned more often. Another reason to get your air ducts cleaned is if somebody in the house partakes in smoking.

How to Prevent Dirty Air Ducts

Preventing unclean air ducts is simple. Although, doing these things only makes the ducts stay clean for longer. It doesn’t mean you won’t have to clean them within two to five years.

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There are a few things you can do to ensure your air ducts are functioning at it’s peak. First, try to keep air pollutes out of the home at all costs. Pollutes include anything commonly known to worsen air quality. For example, if you have ever had a leak in the ceiling, this is a common breeding source from mold. Also, exposure to harmful chemicals or smoke can lead to unsafe air quality.

A few dangerous aspects you would never think about is the usage of scented candles, burning wood, utilizing cleaning supplies, and even leaving out food. One of the most surprising factors is how harmful leaving out food can be. When food begins to rot and decay, it releases chemicals.

Also, make sure to be changing your system filter frequently. This should prevent your air ducts from being unfiltered.

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The air inside your home could be more dirty and polluted than the air outside. This why you should get an air duct cleaning. Make an appointment with a trusted professional team. Hire Masters Services to clean out your air ducts today!

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