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Master Certified Chimney Cleaning That Puts Your Home And Safety First

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Jennifer Jess

One of the best companies for my fireplace. Their costs are upfront and reasonable. The work is quality work. They clean up after themselves. I have used them for the past 5 years on 3 of my homes. I have nothing negative to say. They even schedule service quickly and easily. Invoices emailed as well as detailed quotes to approve. Thank you Master Services!


Do you need a chimney sweeping company in North Texas? Our company can help! Masters Services is a Certified Chimney Professional who inspects every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep.

In addition to being susceptible to damage from animals and the elements, your chimney ages over time and experiences wear and tear. Each chimney camera inspection provides a detailed safety report detailing moisture, fire, or animal damage to chimney components over time. A chimney sweep is only performed after a chimney has been professionally inspected.


We Inspect the Chimney

A specialized camera is used by Master Services to view the chimney flue from up above. With a camera, we can see the chimney from every angle.

Clean if Necessary

Then we clean the pipe using poles with chimney sweeps’ brushes at the end. The chimney is brushed from top to bottom with special brush poles.

Finalize & Give You a Report

Master Services then provides an estimate after testing for code violations. The estimate will state what the code violations are. We also provide details on how we would repair them if we were hired.

Regular Chimney Cleaning Minimizes Hazards And Maximizes Efficiency

Ensuring the safety of your home is our top priority, having even a controlled fire in your home can be dangerous if the tools, your fireplace, and all of it’s parts, are not maintained properly and kept in great condition.

As a Certified Chimney Professional, Masters Services has inspected over 80,000 chimneys and fireplaces in any and every condition. A homeowner never really knows how dirty the chimney flue is until a chimney professional has completed a thorough inspection. We have often found that the fireplace looks remodeled and appears to be brand spanking new, when in fact the chimney was never serviced and is a complete fire hazard.


As a Certified Chimney Professional, Master’s Services inspects every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep.

An inspection is conducted each year to ensure that chimney components have not suffered any damage from moisture, fire, or animals as time has passed.

Our technician is explaining chimney repairs needed to customer. Chimney Inspection for Chimney Maintenance - Masters Services

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