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Chimney Rebuilds

We can tear down any chimney to the roof or the ground and rebuild it back to code.

Gas Fireplace Inspection findings being told to homeowner and daughter
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One of the best companies for my fireplace. Their costs are upfront and reasonable. The work is quality work. They clean up after themselves. I have used them for the past 5 years on 3 of my homes. I have nothing negative to say. They even schedule service quickly and easily. Invoices emailed as well as detailed quotes to approve. Thank you Master Services!

~ Jennifer Jess


The chimney in a factory-built fireplace that is prefabricated usually extends all the way through the roof. Sometimes these chimneys are encased in siding or simulated brick, and usually, they have a cap on top of the chimney that acts as a chase cover.

It is important to note that the safety of prefab fireplaces is thoroughly tested at the factory. In order to ensure their safety, they must be installed correctly. To avoid a house fire, it is imperative that you make sure that replacement parts are made specifically for your fireplace. In prefabricated chimneys, the housing is usually made of a synthetic material, similar to siding, and can be susceptible to wear or rot over time.

There are some prefabricated fireplaces that burn wood, some that burn gas, and some that burn both. Always burn the right fuel when you use a prefabricated fireplace.


Prepare the Area

We start the Chimney Rebuild Process by tearing down the chimney chase to the roof due to spalling of the bricks.

Create the Foundation

To match the original chimney, we rebuilt the chimney with a similar brick size and color once it had been taken down.

Finalize the Chimney

After the mortar crown is covered with a chimney cap, the chimney is waterproofed, and the flashing is sealed to create a water-tight seal.


In attics and sheetrock, rotted wood chimneys cause mold and water damage. Texas’ rainy season can mean torrential downpours and thunderstorms, which can cause homeowners to incur costly home repairs.

We recently completed this project. A high wind blew over the chimney. All the piping was put back in place after the chimney was rebuilt. Finally, the chimney was painted and a new Stevenson cap was attached to the top.

When we were called out to inspect this chimney it was obvious there was damage and rotting in the siding. When we removed the rotten siding it was replaced by burning the chimney rebuild with a much more sturdy hardie-board and painted.


As a Certified Chimney Professional, Master’s Services inspects every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep.

We inspect every chimney to provide a detailed safety report that shows any moisture, fire, or animal damage that has occurred over time to the components.

Gas Fireplace Inspection findings being told to homeowner and daughter
Chimney Cap Installed on Brick Masonry Chimney- Chimney Rain Cap Service - Dallas, TX -Masters Services Chimney & Masonry

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