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Fireplace Repairs and Products

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One of the best companies for my fireplace. Their costs are upfront and reasonable. The work is quality work. They clean up after themselves. I have used them for the past 5 years on 3 of my homes. I have nothing negative to say. They even schedule service quickly and easily. Invoices emailed as well as detailed quotes to approve. Thank you Master Services!

~ Jennifer Jess


Reflector Shields

Reflector shields are used as a barrier to the back wall or refractory panels depending on the fireplace structure. Their primary purpose is to prevent your firewall from forming dangerous cracks. They produce a slight heating effect.

Master Services can customize your reflector shield for an additional fee. The middle section will have one line. Currently, only words are available.

Tuck Pointing

Whenever there are cracks or missing mortar joints in a fireplace, fireproof mortar is used to fill in the gaps and joints.

Heat or flames will be allowed to contact exposed or more vulnerable surfaces of your fireplace, which will weaken it more quickly without the proper coating.

Additionally, we can replace rusted or decayed gas starter pipes.

Prefabricated Refractory Panels

Made out of vermiculite and refractory mortar, refractory panels are located in prefabricated fireboxes and purpose is to protect your chimney system from the hottest fires.

Refractory Panels may break and need to be replaced often depending on your fire usage, so it is a non-warrantied product.

These panels can be costly to replace often, therefore we strongly recommend purchasing a reflector shield. Reflector shields help cover and protect the refractory panels!

How Can I Prevent My Refractory Panels From Breaking?

  • Make sure the fireplace grate is not right up against/touching the back panels.
  • Start with smaller fires and build your way up to larger fires, so the fireplace panels can acclimate to the heat. This is very important, especially with newer refractory panels.
  • Use properly seasoned-dry wood.
  • Never put too much weight on the refractory panels. Start with one to two logs and allow them to burn before adding additional firewood.
  • Carefully place the firewood on the grate, never throw or toss onto the fire!


Are you interested in getting your fireplace remodeled? Make your fireplace the center of attention with a simple front refresh or change the location of your fireplace. We can make your vision come to life with our professional chimney and masonry experts! We offer free estimates for fireplace remodels.

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