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The Importance of a Chimney Sweep

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A chimney sweeper is someone who removes soot and ash from chimneys on a daily basis. The chimney uses the force of a hot flame from above to generate a downdraft and draw in air over the wood or coals allowing continued combustion. Many chimneys may be straight either vertical or have many bends of the chimney. The chimney sweep is required to ride up and down the chimney on a regular basis and remove debris such as bird droppings, dry leaves, and small insects that may be nesting in the chimney. They also assist in making sure that there are no obstructions such as bricks, creosote, or ash, all of which can cause serious damage to a chimney over time.

A chimney sweep and his crew will inspect the inside of chimneys on a periodic basis. This inspection may involve the interior of the flue as well as the roof and exterior. These inspections are critical to the safe operation of a home and property. Most states require periodic inspections and general maintenance of homes and commercial structures. These inspections and general maintenance repairs are done by licensed technicians who are licensed in their respective state.

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