Are you looking for a local wildlife removal company?

Are you looking for a local wildlife removal company?

When it comes to needing someone with your Local Wildlife Removal company to come out and service your home, most people head to Google first. There, you’re able to find many companies listed and the animals they provide services for.

Please be aware, not all companies have technicians that are fully trained to handle all animals properly so be careful when you’re choosing yours. One of the key things when selecting a company, is to check the reviews. Google, Yelp and Angie’s list are just a few main sites that will list reviews for companies. There are usually several reviews listed written by many people. One thing to be aware of is that some companies have several different locations so make sure that the reviews you are reading are for the location that you are interested in having your home serviced by. It’s always good to read all of them, if time allows, so that you can get a good idea of the overall quality of service that the company provides.

If you are dealing with a dog or cat, contacting Animal Control through 311 (non-emergency line) may be a good option to try first. There is usually not a charge for them to come out, remove and dispose of animals. Double check when you call them just to be sure.

As for other companies, be careful in regards to companies giving you a quote over the phone. When dealing with Local Wildlife Removal, companies really need to come out and access the work before they give you a price. It’s hard to provide a price for something you haven’t seen. Once you’ve selected a company, it’s a good rule of thumb to do further research on them such as the BBB rating and any other reviews you may find. You don’t want just anyone working on your home and you want them to value your home just as much as you do. You want to check their techniques as well. Each company has their own process and procedures when it comes to trapping and disposing or the relocating of animals and some are illegal.

The estimates that you receive will be factored on where the animal is located and how hard they are to find and trap. The chimney, attic, outside in the yard, under the house or even between the walls are the main places they may hide.

Now that the cool weather is here the animals are definitely seeking a warm place to be. So don’t be surprised if one sneaks into your warm attic or chimney.

Some people try to ignore the problem and hope it just disappears but some wildlife can carry diseases and parasites that can be hazardous to your health. This is not safe especially if you have children in the home. So having someone come out sooner than later is really a good choice. Also, if the animal does not disappear but dies instead, you have to deal with the unpleasant odor that gets worse over a short amount of time. Not to mention, other ones joining it through the same, or even different points of entry. The best thing to do honestly, is have a professional who deals with Local Wildlife Removal come out and provide an estimate for a complete service, including plugging entry points and deodorizing and sanitizing. You can try to remove it yourself, but it’s really not safe or sanitary without the proper supplies.

What I’m noticing a lot of is that people are waiting until the last unbearable minute and then contacting the Local Wildlife companies, verses calling when the problem starts. At this point, it becomes more of an emergency and will probably cause you to jump at the first estimate provided without fully understanding what you are agreeing to. Do your research and make sure you understand what you are agreeing to completely because you agree to any services.

Having an animal in your attic or between the walls can also cause house fires. It is estimated that 25-50% of all fires of unknown origins are caused by rodents gnawing electrical wires. Of course, no one wants their home to catch on fire at any point, especially not in the winter. Just as a quick added note, pest control companies are not trained to handle Local Wildlife Removal. This makes it more crucial for you selecting the right company. The safety of you and your family depends on it.

When dealing with the attic, not only do you want a quote for trapping and removing but also plugging the entry holes and deodorizing, sanitizing and if necessary, removing and replacing the insulation. You definitely want this done because it’s hard to tell what has seeped into it. Urine and feces are the most common things that could infest it. Those are the type of things you don’t want embedded in your attic insulation. What will happen during the summer months when attic gets hot? Your quote on how much and what needs to be done really depends on the animal and how long it’s has been there.

The chimney removal process is a little different, seeing that you can’t put in traps or exit doors to get the animals out. Also, some animals are protected legal so you have to very careful in how they are removed and some can’t be removed at all. You have to wait until it leaves before you can even place a cap over it. You want to make sure the Local Wildlife company you choose is well versed in legally removing any animal. Trying to rid the problem by burning a fire is not a good idea either. Unless you like roasted squirrel! Not to mention if there is a nest up there, it could possibly catch on fire which would lead to a possible house fire. Bottom line is, it’s best to call a professional who is certified and trained in wildlife removal. Most companies will offer solution to also offer preventative measures such as chimney caps.

If you are looking for a local wildlife removal company, call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help!

In need of Wildlife Control? Call the Experts at Masters Services

Like most people, you have probably wondered why unwanted animals insist on seeking shelter within an attic or basement of a house. You would think that these pests would be satisfied with the unlimited living space the great outdoors has to offer. Why invade your attic or basement when they can easily set up shop in the local park or the forest. The question still remains – why do animals love to gain access to houses?

Is it Time to Hire Wildlife Control Services?

When they seek shelter in a house it provides them with easier access to bird feeders, vegetable gardens; and your cozy attic provides them with warm shelter. It also protects them from outdoor elements caused by storms, high winds, etc.

How Do Wild Life Gain Access to a House?

It’s surprising how outdoor animals enter a home. Here are a few common ways that animals enter (or break in) a house:

  • Attics
  • Walls
  • Chimneys
  • Loose siding
  • Missing foundation vents
  • Broken windows

wildlife control

Ways to Help Prevent Wild Life from Invading Your Home

One surefire way to get rid of uninvited pests is to contact professional Wildlife control services have the training and the equipment to capture animals without risking their personal safety and your safety.

When is it Time to Contact a Wild Life Control Service?

If you have wild life nesting in your home, it’s time to call a wild life control services.  A wild life control technician will determine the most effective and the safest technique to get rid of your problem. They will also help you prevent wild life from entering your home with fencing, netting, and other effective techniques. Then you can literally sleep easier at night once they have been removed from your home.

Bat Removal Experts Masters Services

Bat Control Tips

While bats might be unfairly associated with witches, Halloween and anything spooky, there’s no question that they can be a nuisance in wide variety of ways. Bats are nocturnal rodents that can live up to 30 years. Despite the popular myth, bats are not blind, but do compensate their poor eyesight with exceptional hearing. Bats thrive on a repetitive lifestyle, going out at night to feed (largely on insects, frogs and other smaller animals) and then sleeping during the day. If you need a wildlife removal expert to help with your bat removal, you’ve come to the right place.

Bat Control Problems

Bat colonies can pose multiple problems. With their regular, nocturnal habits, bats can make a lot of noise flying around, particularly dawn and dusk. Using echolocation to make their way, they emit high-pitched sounds to help with flying navigation. Bat droppings and urine are particularly toxic, both from a health perspective (feces can lead to particularly toxic respiratory problems) and to property (accumulations can corrode wood and metal and lead to structural damage. Finally, bats can spread a host of diseases, from fungal infection to rabies. Although rabies from bat bites is not particularly common, compared to, say rabies bites from raccoons, bats have been identified as carriers for almost 40 viruses.

Bat Control and Prevention

Because it is extremely difficult to actually trap and remove bats, prevention is key. Bats like dark, quiet and undisturbed spaces. It’s important to restrict any access or hole in the building that might provide entry to them—and bats can squeeze through extremely small holes and even live in walls.  In some cases a professional bat control company is the best bet for bat prevention.

Bat Removal

While it’s not impossible to remove one or two stray bats from your attic, it’s quite a different task to attempt to remove an entire colony. Because of their flying ability and nocturnal habits, bats can make homes in the most unlikely and remote of areas. Bat droppings, known as guano, pose numerous health hazards and must be cleaned up carefully.

Most professionals promise bat “exclusion”—encouraging the bats to fly out of the area and then making it too difficult for them to fly back in. Bat exclusions are best performed at night where the population can best be accounted for and removed safely. Poisons are not advisable as it is not easy to find and clean up all bat corpses from their hiding places, and insecticides have had mixed results.

If you have bats within the attic of your home, contact a professional bat control company for removal.

Residents Trust Houston Wildlife Removal Experts Masters Services

Animals are wonderful creatures but they aren’t so wonderful in the chimney, Houston wildlife removal companies can assist with this problem. The state of Texas has a lot of wildlife and the animals often make their way into the developed neighborhoods. Some animals that can possibly be found in a chimney include raccoons, bats, skunks, snakes and reptiles, opossums, rats and mice, squirrels and hawks and owls. There are ways to keep animals out of the chimney with the right protection in place. If animals are already present it is important to have a specialist inspect the situation.

Specialists in Houston Wildlife Removal

There are a number of tips to follow when it comes to animals in the attic and it is important to consult a Houston wildlife removal company like Master Services. They help customers with a number of wild animal related problems such as raccoons in the attic, animals that are destroying the flower bed and deceased animals as well.

It might be tempting to remove the unwanted animals from the home or backyard yourself. This can actually prove to be dangerous. Some people have fallen through attic boards trying to remove squirrels and raccoons. Also the chimney is actually a difficult place to remove animals from. A specialist should be highly trained and experienced. They also have the equipment and even back up since they can call their office if something goes wrong. The way a chimney is shaped it can be difficult to have a good idea of what exactly is nesting or living in the chimney and how many. Some animals can carry rabies and other diseases so it is highly recommended for specialists in Houston wildlife removal to be contacted.

Trust the Experts at Masters Services

There are a number of services that the specialist provides including the safe and humane removal of the animals. They will do an intensive inspection of the inhabited area and will also determine how the animals are entering and exiting the space. This is so important for fixing the problem and to keeping the animals from moving back into your home or backyard. The Houston wildlife animal specialist will often set traps and cages and then monitor them until the animals are caught. It is easy to see that they provide a safe, easy and effective way of wildlife removal.

So remember the next time the sound of pitter patters start on the roof or in the chimney call a specialist. They are trained professionals that can quickly assist you with the removal process and in preventing them from returning. Call a Houston wildlife removal company like Masters Services today.


We eliminate your problems with raccoons in attics, squirrel control, armadillo removal, skunk trapping, and most small critters that invade your property.

Wildlife Removal – Noises in Walls or Attic


EXAMPLE: Inspect attic for animal signs, take appropriate trapping measures, and fix the entry points. $89 service call to inspect the noises.

One of the most common complaints involving nuisance wildlife is the noise they can produce in a home. Many home owners may be unaware that they even have an unwanted visitor in their home if not for the noise. Certain animals may spend their time crawling around (and doing other things) in their newfound home (your attic, soffits, walls, garage, etc.). The scurrying scratching, chewing, or vocal noise that you hear may be most unwelcome, particularly from nocturnal animals. The primary culprits are raccoons, squirrels, rats, and mice, but other creatures may be at work. Give us a call, and we will identify the source of the noise, as well the means by which the animals are entering the structure. Masters Services animal control can get the problem fixed, and you will sleep better at night!

(click on animal you think is your nuisance)

  • raccoons Raccoons: Raccoon removals can be very danagerous, so please DO NOT attempt to trap raccoons and get rid of raccoons on your own. Call Masters Services Animal Control, a trained professional in how to remove raccoons in the attic.
  • armadillo Armadillos: Armadillos are one of the hardest animals to trap because their food source is in the ground, not the trap. They do not come back to the same food source every night, so trapping can take weeks.
  • squirrelSquirrels: Squirrel Control is a common nuisance to home owners that can become overwhelming to deal with. Squirrels in attics chew on electrical wires that is a fire danger! Here at Masters Services we act quickly to get rid of squirrels in the attic fast to ensure the cost is not growing added damages.
  • bat Bats: The inspection will provide the amount of bat proofing that needs to be sealed on the exterior of the structure and how much clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing that needs to be performed.
  • skunksSkunks: Masters Services specializes in how to get rid of skunks fast. Our skunk control services Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas and uses the safest and fastest skunk removal methods in the industry.
  • opossumsOpossums: If you have an opossum living on you property we will trap him and relocate him usually within 48 hours, if not 24 hours. No guarantee due to the opossum might have left on his own, but if he comes back or has take residence we will remove him within a timely manner.
  • rats Rats: Masters Services specializes in how to get rid of rats in attics and knows how to get rats out of homes fast. We simply are the best rat trapping exterminators in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.
  • dead animals Dead Animals: Dead Animal Removal in a wall, ceiling, attic, or any where that has an unpleasant odor. Serving Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Arlington, The Woodlands, and all surrounding cities.

Animal Removal

How to Rid Houston Animals in the Attic

Raccoons, Bats or another Animals in Attic?

Do you have a problem with an animal in attic? Houston is home to a number of animals that could quite possibly end up in your attic. When you least expect it you might hear scratching coming from overhead or you may smell a faint odor coming down from above. These are signs that critters are either living in your attic or one may have died. If you look in your attic and you see feces or footprints then you know you have an animal invasion. There are quite a few creatures that could wind up in your attic if you live in the Houston area.

One of these animals are raccoons. They are very curious creatures that have been known to make themselves at home in an attic. You would be very surprised to know that raccoons are a very common animal in attic rooms all over the Houston area. Often times people will not only have one but multiple raccoons. A professional can enter the attic to confirm if there is a litter of babies. If the answer is yes they will need to safely trap the female and remove the babies.

Bats can also be found in attics because they provide a nice place to roost. One bat would be bad but a whole colony can make it a lot worse. Contrary to popular belief bats are not rodents and are not considered aggressive. Luckily most bats don’t carry rabies are not intent on hunting humans to suck their blood. They are simply looking for a place to live. The Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown bat are two types that are commonly found in attics. Although they are considered harmless, they are still not ideal Houston animals in the attic or any other living space. It is important to have a professional come in and remove them.

It can be a huge inconvenience having an animal in attic. Houston residents should remember to leave to animal removal to a team of professionals.

Our Dallas wildlife removal, Fort Worth wildlife removal, Houston wildlife removal, and Denver wildlife removal services have been in business for 16 years. Master Services will not stop any wildlife removal until there is no wildlife activity on your property. Hiring an experienced nuisance wildlife removal service in Texas with out success rate will ensure a quick and humane solution for your wild animal invasion.

We specialize in repairing and controlling any future wildlife removal problems in attics, chimneys, garages, porches, soffets, yards, under foundations, siding, any where a critter can invade.

Wildlife Removal / Houston Animals in the Attic

EXAMPLE: Inspect attic for animal signs, take appropriate trapping measures, and fix the entry points. $89 service call to inspect the noises.

One of the most common complaints involving nuisance wildlife is the noise they can produce in a home. Many home owners may be unaware that they even have an unwanted visitor in their home if not for the noise. Certain animals may spend their time crawling around (and doing other things) in their newfound home (your attic, soffits, walls, garage, etc.). The scurrying scratching, chewing, or vocal noise that you hear may be most unwelcome, particularly from nocturnal animals. The primary culprits are raccoons, squirrels, rats, and mice, but other creatures may be at work. Give us a call, and we will identify the source of the noise, as well the means by which the animals are entering the structure. Masters Services animal control can get the problem fixed, and you will sleep better at night!

Get Help Removing that Pesky Animal in Attic

Why is it So Common to Have an Animal in Attic

Hearing strange noises? It is probably the sounds of a trapped animal in Chimney. Dallas is home to a wide variety of animals. Although very unfortunate for the homeowner the attic serves as a great habitat for animals. That is until their hiding place is found out and they need to be removed. (more…)

Are you in need of wildlife removal?

Masters Services offers Wildlife Removal services in a variety of locations – the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City, and the greater Denver, CO area. We work with squirrels, rats, oppossums, raccoons, bats, snakes, armadillos and more! Please note that we do not service cat or dog calls.

A lot of people ask what our most common wildlife removal call is. It does vary by season. Squirrels in the attic calls are very common throughout the year. Rat calls pick up, especially in the Houston area, come spring time. We get armadillo calls all Spring and Summer long – especially people who are concerned for the state of their lawn and garden. Armadillos like to dig up garden beds and grass lawns. We tend to get bat calls more frequently come early spring, and the bat calls continue throughout the summer and early fall. In the Texas area, we get snake calls all year long. Yikes! So to answer that question, there really is no one particular most common wildlife call.

Common locations to find nuisance wildlife are:

  • Inside your attic
  • Inside your walls
  • Inside your chimney
  • Outside on your property
  • In a shed or garage
  • Infesting your home
  • Animals in the attic
  • Masters Services Banner 2

    Are there animals in your attic? We can give you a free estimate and consultation by one of our wildlife technician specialists. He will come to your home and determine how the animals have been getting in. He will also go over specific animal removal and trapping methods. He will also talk about our sanitization and deodorization methods that we use, once the animals have gone. This first consultation is a chance to ask any questions or concerns that you might have about animal removal.

    Masters Services has over 16 years of experience, and is family owned and operated. Our technicians are not only experienced, but friendly too! They will arrive at your home in a clean, logo’d truck, in uniform ready to help. We do not contract out, we are proud to say each of our technicians is a trusted employee that is part of the big “masters services family”.

    If you think you might have animals in your home, this is the best time of year to get them removed- because they like to have their babies in Spring. The sooner you call, the less likely you are to be dealing with baby animals on your hands too!! Call our office and one of customer service specialists will be happy to help you. Call us at any of our five locations: Dallas – (972) 877-4650, Fort Worth – (817) 205-5749, Denver – (303) 720-7096 and Houston – (713) 723-4854.

    Animals Inside Your Walls

    When you suspect that there may be animals inside your walls, the job can be tricky. That is why we suggest you leave it to the professionals to assess the location and species of what is in your walls. Situations can vary – sometimes there can be one large dead animal in the wall that is smelling up your home. Or, there can be live animals scratching in the walls, creating nuisance noise. Live animals in the walls also create safety hazards by nibbling on the wiring and insulation in your home, exposing you to the risks of electrical fires. Either way, one of our techs can come out and assess the situation. He may be able to remove the animal by getting in through a crawl space or attic, or he may have to cut into the wall. If he cuts in to the wall, he will repair and patch up anything that he has cut into in order to remove the animal.

    Animals Inside Your Chimney


    Many different types of animals can make a home in your chimney is the common grey squirrel. Unfortunately, they can come as one, or can come in pairs and nest with their babies all inside of your chimney. The nesting material they use is covered with their scent, fecal material and other stinky items like dried food! Yuck!

    When a technician comes out to assess for animals inside your chimney, he will first check to see if you have a chimney cap. If you don’t have one, or your existing chimney cap is damaged, he will take some measurements and provide you with estimates as to how much it will cost to get a chimney cap. Our chimney caps keep out the wildlife, and have a limited lifetime warranty! Check out our website and find out more about our chimney caps. After assessing if you have a chimney cap, he will assess the animal in the chimney situation by looking from within the firebox and examining the chimney. Depending on the type of animal, and the situation, he will choose the appropriate trapping or removal method.
    *Warning* Never try to handle a wild animal. Although they may look cute and harmless, they can easily lash out if they feel cornered. They become threatened easily and can bite or scratch your hand and body. Squirrels are notorious for carrying high levels of bacteria in their mouths, so squirrel bites can easily become infected. They can carry rabies, mites, worms, and other pathogens that can be spread to you and your pets. In certain regions, they can carry ticks and fleas that carry the harmful and very dangerous disease lyme disease.

    It’s also important that it’s not just squirrels that can get into your chimney. We frequently get calls for bats in the chimney as well. Sometimes people have larger animals that get stuck in their chimney, such as an opossum or even a raccoon!

    Nuisance Wildlife Animals on Your Property

    Have you been smelling skunks under your screened in porch? Have you been spotting raccoons in your garage digging through your garbage creating a mess? Or, maybe there are armadillos digging up your garden bed. Even worse, maybe there is a poisonous snake on your property and you have NO interest in handling this creature on your own. These are all things we can help you with. One of our technicians can set traps for these nuisance wildlife animals on your property. We can also remove snakes from your property, with either a trap or a special removal tool if the snake is larger and in one place. Once the animals (skunks, oppossums, armadillos and their babies) have been caught, we will make sure to safely remove them to a protective wildlife area – causing them no harm, but getting them out of your property!

    Nuisance Wildlife in your Shed or Garage

    Nuisance wildlife can create just as much damage as they do in your home, in your shed or garage. Sometimes animals prefer to make a home in these locations because there is less household activity, and less noise. The problem with this is that most times, homeowners don’t notice that there is wildlife in their shed or garage until the infestation level has progressed. This is because homeowners don’t necessarily spend a lot of time in their garage or utility shed, so they don’t notice the normal signs of animal activity like they would in their own home.

    No matter what location your nuisance wildlife may be located, it’s important to get the issue taken care of as soon as possible. Most importantly, these animals are wild and can be a health hazard. Second, they can create multiple types of damage to your home, in a very rapid amount of time. It’s important to recognize the signs that you might have wildlife in your home or yard – here are some key signs that you may have wildlife in your home:

    1) Hearing scratching noises from the attic or ceilings
    2) Noticing new holes chewed in the soffits and other parts of the roof
    3) Seeing animal droppings inside your home
    4) Seeing holes dug up in your yard
    5) Noticing the garbage cans gotten into at night
    6) A bad smell coming from the attic, walls, or other part of the house
    7) Hearing animal noises
    8) And lastly – and of course – SEEING the animals!!

    Accounts of customers we’ve helped:

    We recently got a call from a frightened customer who had a four foot water moccasin in their yard. She had three small children and a small dog. She called us terrified and wanted someone to come out as soon as possible. We were able to get a technician out the same day, to remove the deadly water moccasin without a problem!

    Another customer of ours was experiencing a strong odor of skunk spray coming from under her porch. It had gone on for almost a month, and she was hoping it would go away on its own. After waiting for a month, the smell was just getting worse. When she had guests over she would embarrassingly try to steer guests away from the noxious odor. She decided to call Masters Services to assess the situation. We had a technician come out the next day, and look under the porch. There was an entire family of raccoons living underneath the porch. He set traps for her at that same appointment, and within 24 hours 2 skunks were caught. He came back to empty the traps, reset them, and another skunk was caught. The tech came out and reset the traps. The homeowner is happy to report that the skunks are now all gone, thanks to our trapping, and the embarrassing and nauseating skunk odor is completely gone.

    Wildlife Removal Dallas

    We often get phone calls from our Houston customers who are experiencing a scratching noise coming from the attic. Normally they think it may be squirrels or mice. In Houston, 8 out of 10 times if you hear that scratching noise, it is Houston Roof Rats, which are larger than regular rats and more destructive. This species of rats like to live “high and dry”, that’s why they think your roof is a great please to live. Now here is the account – last spring we had a technician work at a location of a customer that had been dealing with a pest removal company to try and resolve their issue of roof rats in the attic. The company, for the past five years had been going into their attic and trapping the rats. The roof rats came back EVERY year – like clockwork, right around Spring time. The homeowners were very getting fed up, and felt like they were getting ripped off. They thought that there must be a more permanent solution. So this time around, they called us at Masters Services Houston. One of our experienced technicians was able to come out the next day, and provide a free initial assessment. After the homeowners approved this work, the tech came out, sealed up the holes, and set traps. After all the rats were trapped, he sanitized and deodorized everything and the attic was like new. He removed years of nesting and feces that had not been taken care of previously. The homeowners called us this year and are happy to say that the roof rats ARE NOT back!! We also provide a warranty with our work – if one of the holes we had sealed up is damaged or if the rats are back, the technicians will come out to assess this for you. The tech will reseal the hole at no cost if it was something we sealed up.

    Also, just recently one of our technicians, Mike, removed a cute little squirrel from a resident’s chimney just the other day. Although the squirrel looked cute, it was making a loud racket because it was stuck in there and trying to get out on its own. He removed it humanely and without damaging the chimney.

    Above are just a few accounts of the wildlife removal experiences we work on every single day. With years of experience in all different situations, our technicians have seen everything and know how to handle even the strangest of situations! Please keep in mind that we do not remove bees, wasps, cats or dogs from properties.

    Why you don’t want to try to remove wildlife on your own

    Many people ask us why they can’t just take care of it on their own. Well, wildlife can be unpredictable and dangerous, for starters. Second, we NEVER use poison. Many homeowners use poison in an attempt to take care of animals like rats in their attic. This ends up being very problematic – a) it exposes your family and pets to dangerous toxins and b) most likely, the rats will die and end up being stuck in your walls – stinking up your walls!! This is the worst. Removing dead animals from your walls is more time consuming and troublesome than trapping them live, in the attic.

    Why else?

    We will take care of all of the after services of wildlife removal. That means you don’t have to worry about the dirty job of sanitizing and deodorizing the location of where the wildlife was. We will remove nesting, feces, and other debris and use a special sanitization system so that you can rest assured that your home is free of dangerous viruses and bacteria that wild animals can harbor.

    Who are we?

    Masters Services is a tight knit group. We are family owned and operated, and have been open for over 16 years. The owner, Chad started out as a technician himself, so he knows everything from the bottom up. His wife Christa is co-owner, and she works in the office helping out. Chad’s mom Wanda is the office Manager. Megan is a close member of the team answering phones and is in charge of the social media. Fiona is Chad’s sister in law and answers phones here as well. Rory, Chad’s step-father is the parts manager and makes chimney caps. Outside of the office team, who is happy to answer any question about animal removal that you might have, is our wonderful team of technicians. They have all been personally trained here at Masters Services. We often get calls from satisfied customers raving about how courteous and great our technicians are on the job!

    Now is the time to call. We are open Monday through Saturday, 8am-6pm. We can normally get someone out to your location ASAP. Spring has sprung and the wildlife is here! Who knew there could be so many different animals that could get into your home and damage your property. Opposums, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, rats, snakes, oh my!

    Wildlife Removal Houston Residents Need to Know About

    Squirrels and raccoons are awfully cute, but they’re not something that you really want to tangle with. If a family of raccoons has moved in under your house, call on Masters Services for careful and humane wildlife removal. Houston homeowners please dial 713.723.4854 and tell us what you need us to capture and relocate.

    You probably wouldn’t think that armadillos are so darling, if you ever actually tangled with one. Any wild creature is likely to become aggressive when it feels cornered. They can become all teeth and claws and anger. Whereas many wild animals present an outward appearance of adorable cuteness, in reality a cornered animal will make a concerted effort to tear you right up. Instead of attempting to catch a wild animal by yourself, call us for effective and humane wildlife removal Houston. We’ll trap the varmint and take him somewhere nice. We happen to be quite fond of wild animals. We know that you may not be, especially when a raccoon, armadillo, squirrel or other critter is burrowing in your garden, hiding under your house or nesting in your chimney. Our gentle and humane wildlife removal Houston service will allow both you and the little invader to go on to live your lives in peace.

    Wildlife Removal Company in Houston

    Masters Services

    6008 Darlinghurst

    Phone: 713-723-4854

    Of course, wildlife removal Houston is not the only thing we do. We are a full service chimney sweeping, repair and maintenance outfit and the company to call for anything regarding your chimney. Don’t try to deal with chimney problems on your own. You will only make a mess of everything. We have the experience, the tools and the savvy to do the job right the first time. Save our number into your phone and use it any time you require our services. Remember to call for a good chimney cleaning before the start of every fireplace season.

    We have been getting many calls over the last month for raccoons removal Houston. Most people are not sure how many raccoons are there or how long they have been there or even how they got in. Raccoons can be a very annoying house guest. For one they tend to do a lot of damage, mainly because of their size, they tend to make existing holes bigger and are even capable of making holes where there were none.

    Removing Houston Chimney Wildlife from your home

    You’ve seen raccoons and other types of critters scurrying around your yard from time to time and are wondering whether there may be some Houston chimney wildlife that have been attracted to your chimney. Birds, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, ducks and even snakes are examples of Houston chimney wildlife that often try to find warmth or safe shelter. Once they get in it’s hard to remove them and once they are taken out they usually are attracted right back to the spot. The only way to effectively remove any Houston chimney wildlife is to take them out physically and then repair or cap the chimney to prevent their return.

    Houston chimney wildlife can leave behind pheromones that can attract others to the chimney as well. Pheromones are chemicals that are capable of triggering a social response in other animals of the same species. Once there they will act as a magnet to other animals that will want to congregate in your chimney. At this point your chimney will become a social gathering spot and lighting a fire will become dangerous to both you and the animals that are there.

    Help! There’s a raccoon stuck in my chimney!

    This is one of the frequent cries for help we hear at Masters Services. Someone calls in for Houston chimney wildlife assistance and claims that there is a raccoon stuck in the chimney. A raccoon actually doesn’t get stuck in the chimney – it merely climbs up and down the chimney whenever it wants to!

    If you light a fire and the smoke starts to rise the raccoon will scamper out and head to the roof for safety. The problem arises when the raccoon has decided to put its nest there and have a litter of babies. When this happens, the raccoon may wait the fire out and decide to stay with the babies. You will end up with one dead adult raccoon along with a nest of babies.

    Your chimney will then be blocked, decomposition will start to set in with this Houston chimney wildlife and the smell will get quite horrifying. Needless to say, you won’t be able to light any fires in the near future until the problem gets handled and you’ll have to live with the guilt of knowing that you killed a nest of raccoon babies along with the mother.

    Your options to remove wildlife from your chimney

    Whenever there is any type of Houston chimney wildlife, it is a fire hazard. If you try to handle the situation yourself you may end up with more trouble on your hands than you expected. In the raccoon situation, for instance, if you try place a cap when you see the Houston chimney wildlife leaving, you won’t know whether there are babies left there or not. If there are, the mother raccoon will try to break through the cap on your chimney and can ruin your roof in the process. You’ll still have to call in a professional to get the nest of baby raccoons removed.

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    Your best option is to call in our Masters Services professionals to get the Houston chimney wildlife handled quickly and efficiently. Our company has been in business since 1995 helping homeowners in the Houston area remove unwanted wildlife that have taken up residence in their chimney. When you need a company that you can count on for results we are only a call away. We can get rid of any type of Houston chimney wildlife, and then cap the chimney for permanent results.

    Animal Removal Service by Masters Services

    Unwanted pests and animals in a home or business have the potential to do serious damage. This often involves ruined insulation, chewed electrical wires, and damage to drywall. Many animals are found in an attic space and have gotten in through an unknown opening. A homeowner with an animal problem will need to the services of an animal removal specialist.

    Trapping and Relocation

    Master Services offers human animal removal services to residential customers. We pride ourselves on the non-lethal methods that are used to capture and relocate wild animals in a home. If a homeowner is faced with an unwanted guest in a basement, attic, or even in a wall, then professionals are required for safe and humane removal. Our animal control specialists will travel to a customer’s home to assess any damage and develop a plan of action. We have years of experience in the safe removal of animals from residential homes.

    Animal Exclusion

    Removing wild animals from a home and preventing them from getting back inside is known as animal exclusion. The animal removal specialist will ensure there are no more animals in an attic, garage, and any other area. Places of entry will be pinpointed by the specialist before being sealed. A wire screen is used to seal all potential entry points into a home. This will keep any animals from accessing the home in the future.

    Animal Repelling

    Unwanted pests found around a home may include snakes and a variety of rodents. Rats and mice in a home typically result when there is ample food and places to make a nest. Snakes can also come into a yard or garage looking for food. The animal removal specialist will use various methods to repel a pest from the property. A detailed plan will then be developed to prevent them from returning.

    Dead Animal Removal

    Wild animals that get into a home often chew on anything in sight, such as insulation and wiring. If the animals in a home chew on something that is dangerous, then it may get killed. This typically results in a foul odor coming from the attic, a wall, or other area in a home. Dead animal removal specialists will need to come out and extract the dead animal from the home. A wild animal may also be found dead in a hidden area of a homeowner’s property. The dead animal removal specialist will disinfect all areas the dead animal contaminated in the home.

    Safe, Humane, Animal Cleanup

    Wild animals in a home often leave a big mess behind. This includes debris that has been collected to a significant amount of waste. Our cleanup service will remove animal waste from an attic or other areas where wild animals have been living.

    Contact Master Services for more information about the animal removal process.

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