Wildlife removal Denver is not something to take chances with!

If you are dealing with an animal in your home the last thing to do is to try and handle the situation on your own.  The reason I saw that is thus, any animal that you are dealing with no matter how nice or social they seem is still a wild animal, this means that they will react as a wild animal when trying to protect the space that they now call home.  This may be due to the fact that the animal has young that they are trying to deliver and wean or even that they are looking for a safe place to live and store their food.  No matter what I will never suggest to you to try and confront an animal that is living in your home.

We had a customer last year that had a raccoon on his porch for a few days, the homeowner decided that the raccoon looked tired enough that he could just shoo it away with his foot and be done with this whole situation. Twenty seven stitches and a rabies shot later he called us when the raccoon was still on his porch and did not take kindly to his trying to get him to leave. We were able to trap and relocate the raccoon with ease. Bottom line is that you are dealing with a wild animal and without training and experience that can get dangerous.

If you have found yourself in need of wildlife removal Denver call Master Services (303) 720-7096 to help you with wildlife removal and proofing.

There are a few animals that you may have run into in your home or on your property recently, skunks, armadillos, raccoons, opossums and so on. If you have encountered a situation where you are in the need of wildlife removal Denver, call for professional help with getting the animals evicted and relocated safely. We always suggest getting help with animal removal due to the fact that you are dealing with wild animals that feel the area that you want them out of is home. This presents a situation where most animals will fight and cause more damage in the effort to protect their home.


No doubt over the last month or so you have seen more and more raccoons in places, crossing the street at night, in your garden beds and generally all over the place. They are looking for food. In their search for the amazing grub along with anything else that they think might be tasty, they are not too careful as to what gets damaged in the search. If you are noticing things like your plants being dug up, unexplained holes in your yard, you are in need of wildlife removal Denver.


Skunks are also making their way around these days. You may see them or smell them to know that they are on your property. We have even had homeowners call in that they had located that the skunk smell was coming from inside of their home and when the technician arrived to evict the animal found that the animal had died between the walls. Once the wildlife removal Denver was done the smell went away.


Some people notice that they need wildlife removal Denver when they are awoken in the night to sounds of animals playing or fighting in the attic. This is never convenient for the homeowner and often results in little or no sleep. The best thing to do if this has happened is to call for wildlife removal Denver and get someone out to your home as soon as possible for an evaluation. This could be any animal from raccoons and squirrels to rats and mice. The only way to know for sure it to perform an evaluation on where and how it is getting into the house along with an evaluation on the feces to figure out the animal type.

Master Services has been in the business of wildlife removal Denver for years with technicians trained and experienced in getting the animals identified and relocated with the least amount of hassle to you the home owner and in a safe and humane fashion for the animal. We do not use any poisons and only use humane methods in trapping and relocating animals, this helps to promote their survival. Any wildlife removal Denver actions that we do are covered by a warranty on our work.

Getting regular chimney sweeps can help to keep animals out of your chimney!

Certified Chimney

Masters Services founder and CEO, Chad Murray

Getting regular chimney sweeps can show signs of wear and tear on your chimney that an animal could use to get in. If you think like an animal for a second, a chimney is basically a hollowed out tree, what safer place to live during the cold season and raise young?

What sets our chimney sweeps apart?


  • Professional appearance
  • Positive Attitude
  • Professional and friendly
  • Experienced
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    We take a lot of pride in our chimney sweeps and our chimney sweep services.

    Professional appearance and attitude:

    Our chimney sweeps will show up at your house in uniform. We take pride in our appearance and take our jobs seriously. We want you to be able to recognize us as professional, experienced chimney sweeps. We will also arrive at your location in a company truck which is clearly marked, Masters Service. No contractors! We only use all of our own trusted staff and chimney sweep.

    Our chimney sweeps will show up with a smiling face. Friendly, patient and knowledgeable, our chimney sweeps know what they are doing and are friendly, personable guys.

    Timely Chimney Sweeps:

    Sick of waiting around for contractors or cable guys to show up all day? We give you a two hour courtesy time window. Our chimney sweep technicians will be there between that two hour time window, and they will even give you a courtesy “call on the way” ring on your cell phone. We know just as much as you do that you’ve got a busy life and can’t wait around all day to get your seasonal chimney sweep.


    Our chimney sweeps do more than just a basic chimney sweep. We offer a full safety inspection, which is included in the cost of the sweep. That way you can rest assured that your chimney is safe to use for the season.

    If you have noticed anything that tips you off to being in need of wildlife removal Denver call (303) 720-7096 us right away for an evaluation.