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If you have found yourself in a bind where you have unwanted nuisance animals sharing your home with you the best thing to do is call for squirrel removal Denver right away. If a squirrel is allowed to be in your home for a long period of time there is a much greater chance of damage and house fires due to them chewing on wires in your home.

Fact:  Once in the attic, squirrels will build nests in your attic for their litters

Squirrel removal

We have had two clients call so far this year that needed squirrel removal Denver after finding out the cause of their house fire was due to squirrels chewing through wires in the attic and causing a short. This can lead to great risk for you and your family obviously but also to costly repairs needing to be done on your home. Both of these clients explained that the animals had been in the home for a while yet they thought after time the animal would leave on its own. When an animal makes your attic its home the chances of it leaving on its own are very slim.

Fact: Squirrels can carry Tularemia. This is a bacteria that can make humans ill, by breathing in the bacteria (called F. tularensis). You can also get tularemia by handling infected animal carcasses. So why not leave it to the professionals.

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There are many different methods for animal eviction and relocation when dealing with squirrel removal Denver. With nuisance animals there is no predicting their behavior, one method may work on the same animal at your neighbor’s house while the animal in your attic does not respond to the same method. This is where having someone to help you that is trained and experienced in the safe and humane handling of these animals is a great help. One of the most successful methods for eviction of squirrels is through the use of a one-way-door. This allows the squirrels to leave and not get back into the space.

It is never recommend using a poison of any sort when dealing with wildlife in your home. Most poisons are made to dehydrate the animal, this drives them to find water where ever they can which more often than not is near you’re A/C unit or near pipes with condensation. This then leads to having to do more evasive removal methods to get the dead animal out of the house and the area sanitized.

Fun Fact about squirrels – Did you know that squirrels can jump as far as 20 feet!? They have pads on their feet which help them to do so.


We also do not use poison because although it may seem like a quick fix, it does not deter more squirrels from coming in. So if you try to take matters into your own hands, and use poison – the problem will just get bigger. Because now you will have dead squirrels stinking up your walls, and you also still haven’t remedied the problem – there are still entry points that haven’t been addressed that the squirrels are getting into. That is where our specialists can help. They can assess your home, determine where the entry points and nesting points are, and take care of it! All without the use of toxic poison. Also, if you have small children, elderly, or immune compromised living in your home, you do NOT want poison being used in your home.

Why else don’t we use poison? Simply put – squirrels can be smarter than the poison. They are not so easy to convince with poison.  Rodents like squirrels are scavengers, and they actually “taste” their food to see if it is “ok” to eat... Therefore, poisons with any funny odors or strange flavors have a high probability of being discarded by the rodent. Literally useless.

Master Services has been in the squirrel removal Denver business for some time. We use only humane methods for wildlife removal and relocation. Our technicians have daily experience in eviction of all types of nuisance animals.

We never recommend trying and handling an eviction or removal on your own. Even if the animal seems to be social and healthy there is no telling how a wild animal will react to squirrel removal Denver especially if the animal is scared or feels threatened. We suggest you have a professional come out and give an evaluation on the situation before you come in contact with the animal.

If you hear scratching and scurrying in your attic, it’s best not to ignore it. Because squirrels can reproduce quickly and pretty soon your attic is infested with squirrels. We don’t want those guys chewing on your live wires and borrowing through your insulation. Our technicians are personable and experienced, and would be happy to come out and give you more information on how we can help to get the squirrels out of your home.

Fun fact about squirrels - Squirrels mainly eat seeds, nuts, fungi and fruits. Some squirrels will also eat small insects and even young snakes.

Getting a technician to come out will help you for seasons to come. Why not have him come out and get the problem under control so that in 2 seasons from now your whole attic isn’t infested with squirrel nesting and their babies.

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Our technicians will come out to your location in a logo'd truck so you know it is Masters Services when they pull in. They are also professionally uniformed, friendly, and knowledgeable. We have been open for sixteen years and are family owned and operated. With our experience comes a lot of practice and know how. Our technicians will be able to give you estimates on the most stream – lined way of removing those squirrels from your home!

If you are in need of squirrel removal Denver call Master Services (303) 720-7096 today for an evaluation.