There are many kinds of snakes in Untied States. Most are not poisonous, but some are venomous and very dangerous. Snakes are predatory creatures that are on the move for hunting their prey. All snakes are strictly carnivorous, eating small animals including lizards, other snakes, small mammals, birds, eggs, fish, snails or insects. If a snake is spotted on you property, DO NOT attempt to catch. Call a professional from Masters Services.

Removal Procedures
Live catch a snake if it is still present when we arrive. Each type of snake is priced due to difficulty, size, and if it is venomous.

Non Venomous starting at $250

Venomous starting at $350

Most snakes are on the move and are not present when we arrive to remove. An $89 property inspection will be performed to look for the snake and see why is on the property. The snake is looking for food, shelter, and/or water. Masters charges $200 for a trap fee. Total initial visit is $289 and any additional visits not covered in the initial visit will be $89 service fee.