When to hire a Denver wildlife removal service...

I remember when I was growing my mom and dad would constantly tell me to make sure the lids were closed on the trash cans when I would take out the trash. I would always reply that they were never knowing why my parents hassled me about this constantly. Fast forward to being grown with my own children and home, I am the one nagging to make sure that the lids are on the garbage cans, tight. Why? Because who knew that raccoons, opossums and rats all take to your trash can like the newest buffet in town? Now I know. In fact, raccoons in particular send out a pheromone when they find food that announces to any other raccoons in the area where to find it!

They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and numbers!

Denton Wildlife Control

If you have animals getting into your home often the extent of the problem is not fully realized until you hire a wildlife removal service. Without someone who is trained and experienced in what to look for important things can be missed. Things like openings for the animals to get into your home, indicators that there are animals present and so on can be missed by people less experienced in Denver wildlife removal.


When you are dealing raccoons, remember that they can pack a very strong punch. Raccoons are very strong. In fact, we have seen mother racoons that were separated from there babies bend open sheet metal patching that was done to keep her out. We have also had a customer who thought that he would be able to easily get a raccoon to move off of the front porch by giving it a little nudge. This did not end as planned and quite a few stitches and rabies shots later the homeowner called us to help with as a local Denver wildlife removal service.

Rats, squirrels and opossums!

animal in the attic

When you are hearing an animal in the attic there are a few things that you could be dealing with, rats, squirrels and opossums are the most common. You will most commonly hear these animals moving around during the night time and early morning hours. They often sound lighter than a raccoon and fast moving. When Masters Services (303) 720-7096 comes to help you with the Denver wildlife removal the first thing that we look for is how the animal in getting into your house Getting any squirrels or rats out of your home rapidly is our priority, they can cause quite a bit of damage when they are allowed to live inside of your home for long periods. This is mainly in part to the fact that they both have front teeth that never stop growing which leads them to constant chewing in order to keep their teeth in check. A particular favorite is wiring for some reason. When we get rats and squirrels out of your home we always suggest getting an electrician out to ensure that your home and wires are in safe and operational condition. We had two different clients last year that were having issues with squirrels in their attics that ended up in house fires due to faulty wires. This is no joking matter.

When rats get into your home there are many places that this could have happened through, they are able to get into a space as small as a ¼ of an inch, this also includes your plumbing pipes in the roof. Rats are able to climb into the pipes and swim into the plumbing and get into your home through the pipes. Getting these pipes and small cracks and openings in our home sealed and animal proofed you will be able to cut off the entry points that the rats are using to get into your home and thus no longer allow them into your home.

The removal process

Squirrel removal

When someone ways that they are coming to your home to get rid of the wildlife problem you are having, what do they really mean? Are they going to be placing poison in your home? Do they know how to find where the animals are getting in at? Are they able to preform repairs on your home to ensure the animals will not be getting back in? What are their guarantees? What are their procedures for getting the animals out of your home? Do they do any clean up? What do they do to handle the potential disease and illness that can be spread by the animal? These are all questions that you are going to want to ask.

Contact Masters Services for help!

At Masters Services (303) 720-7096, we have been in the wildlife removal business for over 17 years. Our company was started by high school sweet hearts, Chad and Christa Murray. As their company and family expanded they added service locations, including Denver, Colorado. We hire and train our own techs based on our experiences and training in the animal removal field over the last 17 years. We have done wildlife services for all sorts of home and businesses as well as dealing with all sorts of animals. Calling us for help will get you the best service possible in getting your home wildlife free and proofed against future reentry.

Wildlife life is really wild!

Opossum in the attic

Last week we had a technician go to a home that was complaining about hearing noises in their attic, this began as a “run of the mill” home inspection to find where the animal was getting into the house. After a full outside home inspection where all of the possible entry points and areas of damage were noted the technician went into the home to complete the attic inspection. He had already noted that due to the size of the entry points the animal was most likely a raccoon, feces inspection would be needed to confirm this. When the technician got into the attic he saw right away that the animal that was being a nuisance was in fact a raccoon. Andrew found this out while looking through the attic for where the animal would potentially be nesting and the raccoon came straight at him, knocking him back in the attic where he lost his footing and fell down the wall. Luckily, Andrew was not injured and there was no damage done but it does go to show that animals are unpredictable. The safest thing to do is hire a wildlife removal service.

Andrew worked to get this home proofed and get the raccoon relocated. It was only a matter of a few days before she was moved to her new home and happy. The home owner was also happy that there was no longer a wild animal in her attic. Once the raccoon had been relocated we then completed the cleaning and sanitizing in her home to ensure that any disease or illness that the raccoon may have been carrying was cleaned up and removed from her home.

If you are wondering when to hire a Denver wildlife removal service call Masters Services (303) 720-7096.