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    Wild Life Removal In Sagemont

    Signs You Should Call for Professional Wildlife Animal Removal for a Rat Infestation

    Rats, bats, raccoons; oh my! Wildlife abounds in Harris County and no matter how well-kept your property may be, those animals could end up taking up residence in your house. While there’s no doubt that you appreciate animals in their natural habitat, you certainly don’t want them under the same roof as you and your family. If you suspect you have an animal infestation or you’re positive you do, you’ll want to get in touch with a Sagemont, TX wild life removal professional right away.

    Master Services is a leading wildlife animal removal company that has been servicing the Harris County community for more than 16 years. Our team of professionally trained, fully licensed and insured technicians can eradicate the most common nuisance pests that live in the region, including armadillos, bats, rats, skunks, opossums, and squirrels. Using the most advanced techniques and proven strategies, we’ll confirm the infestation and the location of the animals, and we’ll quickly and efficiently remove the pests so that you can start enjoying peace of mind again in no time. For the most reliable wildlife animal removal in Harris County, look no further than Master Services!

    Warning Signs of a Rat Infestation

    While Master Services offers a variety of Sagemont, TX wild life removal services, there’s one type of animal that Harris County residents commonly need to have removed from their homes: rats. A vast majority of the service requests that we receive are from property owners who have spotted rats scurrying across their floors. Rats like to hide in dark, removed spaces, and they tend to be more active at night. As such, by the time you actually see one, it usually means that there are a lot more hiding out where you can’t see them.

    You don’t want to wait until you see a rat to take action; you want to get ahead of the problem before it gets out of control. But how do you do that? By looking for signs of an infestation before you spot a rat running across your floor. If you notice any of the following, don’t delay and get in touch with a wildlife animal removal specialist right away.

    Strange Noises

    Do you hear strange noises coming from your walls or ceilings? Scratching, gnawing, banging, or chittering, perhaps? Do those sounds seem to be louder at night? If so, that’s a definite sign that you should get in touch with a Sagemont, TX wild life removal professional right away. A wildlife animal removal expert will perform a complete assessment of your Harris County property to determine if rats are to blame for the strange noises you’re hearing.

    Gnaw Marks

    Take a look at the dry food packages stored in your cabinets. Do you see any gnaw marks on the sides of boxes, bags, or containers? If you do, there’s a good chance that rats have taken up residence in your home. These pests love human food, and in order to access it, they’ll chew through the sides of containers.

    Rub Marks

    Rats have poor eyesight. In order to make their way back and forth to their nests, they establish routes that they use on a continuous basis. These pests have an oily coating on their fur, and as they traverse their routes, they leave rub marks behind. Take a look at your baseboards, along the bottoms of your walls, and at the base of stairs. If you see any dark, oily smears, rats may be living inside your Harris County house.

    Track Marks

    As rats scurry about, they can leave footprints and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas of your house. Take a look in the corners of your house; particularly in spots that aren’t used often. If you see small trails of footprints and tail marks, it’s more than likely that you have a rat problem on your hands.


    Take a look inside your cabinets, drawers, pantries, and on the inner edges of your countertops, as well as in your attic or crawlspace. If you see small, brown pellets that look similar to a grain of rice, they’re likely rat droppings. Don’t handle the droppings. Rats can carry disease, and if you touch their feces, you could potentially become infected. Instead, contact a professional Sagemont, TX wild life removal company. A professional technician will not only eradicate the pests, but they will clean up the droppings for you or will let you know how to safely handle the mess yourself.


    Look in your attic, crawlspace, or any other removed, dark, and warm space, such as behind a refrigerator, a freezer, or even a hot water heater. Rats like to build their nests in hidden areas, and they tear up soft materials, such as insulation, paper, or even fabric, and form the materials into a nest. If you spot anything that resembles a nest, there’s a very good chance that you have a current or a past infestation; if you see babies in the nest, obviously, you have an active infestation. Either way, you’ll want to contact a wildlife animal removal professional right away.

    For Reliable Wildlife Animal Removal in Harris County, Contact Master Services Today!

    If you’ve spotted any of the above-mentioned signs, schedule an appointment with a leading Sagemont, TX wild life removal expert as soon as possible. Master Services is a leading wildlife removal specialist that offers humane nuisance pest control and extermination control services for all types of animals, including rats. To schedule an appointment or to request more information, call 713-723-4854 or visit today!

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