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Wild Life Removal Beaumont Place

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    Wild Life Removal In Beaumont Place

    5 Signs You Should Call a Harris County Animal Wildlife Control Specialist to Removal an Opossum

    For more than 16 years, Master Services, a leading Beaumont Place, TX wild life removal company, has been restoring the safety of Harris County property owners. We specialize in all types of animal wildlife control, including humane trap and release, extermination, and the removal of deceased animals. Our team of professionally trained technicians are experts in their field and have the knowledge and experience that’s necessary to safely and effectively locate and remove the animals that have taken up residence in your home or business. From larger nuisance animals, such as armadillos and opossums, to smaller pests, like rats and bats, you can count on our fully licensed and insured company to deliver the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable results. If you’re in need of the services of a Beaumont Place, TX wild life removal expert, look no further than Master Services.

    5 Warning Signs of an Opossum Infestation in your Harris County Home

    Opossums (commonly just referred to as “possums”) may look creepy, but they’re actually quite fascinating and beneficial. The only marsupial in the United States, these animals play a vital role in the ecosystem. They eat a variety of pests, including rats, cockroaches, slugs, snails, moths, and all types of ticks, as well as carrion (deceased animals). Given the many benefits they offer, it’s easy to see why these critters are crucial to a healthy environment. However, just because they’re beneficial, that doesn’t mean you want to share your space with them.

    Like many other species of animals in Harris County, opossums are clever creatures. They commonly seek out shelter in residential and commercial buildings and nibble on the morsels they find in garbage cans. If an opossum takes up residence on your property, you’re going to want to act fast and call in a professional animal wildlife control specialist as soon as possible. But other than actually seeing an opossum on your property on a regular basis, how do you know if one of these animals has taken up residence on your property? Here’s a look at five telltale signs of an opossum infestation.

    Property Damage

    Typically, opossums enter buildings by scratching holes or climbing into an access point that already exists. Because they’re pretty heavy animals and since they have sharp claws, they can cause some pretty significant damage. You might notice scratch marks on your siding, torn-up shingles, or maybe even loose or missing soffits. Once the animal is inside, it can damage interior structures, too. For instance, you may see gnaw or scratch marks on walls or wood posts, insulation may be tattered.

    Vanishing Food

    Do you have an outdoor cat or do you feed your dog outside? If so, if your pet’s food keeps vanishing, while another animal could be the culprit, there’s also a chance that an opossum could be to blame. These animals love to eat and can consume large amounts of food very quickly. If it seems like you’re filling up your pet’s dishes on a constant basis and you know for a fact that your dog or cat isn’t eating more, you could have an opossum problem.

    Odd Odors

    Opossums are generally clean animals; however, they do emit a natural musk-like odor. Additionally, their urine and feces have a very pungent scent that smells even worse than a cat litter box. They tend to relieve themselves more often than other types of nuisance animals, and their droppings can be as large as a cat’s. Their feces and urine can soak through building materials and insulation, creating a very distinct and pungent odor. If you keep getting whiffs of unpleasant smells, get in touch with Beaumont Place, TX wild life removal professional. They’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine if an opossum is the source of the odor.

    Disturbed Gardens

    Opossums are notorious for stealing fruits from gardens. They have a very powerful sweet tooth and they love to steal melons, berries, and other types of fruits whenever they can find them. If you have fruit plants in your garden and they’re constantly disturbed, opossums could be robbing you. In addition to missing fruits, you may also spot tracks of paw prints, larger than a cat’s paw, with claw prints on the ends. The soil may be dug up, too.

    Strange Noises

    Opossums make a variety of vocalizations, such as shrieking, hissing, and even clicking. These sounds are quite distinct and pretty loud. You may also hear scratching, ripping, or scuttling noises coming out of your attic or your walls. As opossums make nests, they can tear up insulation and scratch at the building materials. These noises are similar to the sounds you would expect a mouse or rat to make; however, because opossums are larger, these sounds tend to be louder.

    Looking for a Reliable and Affordable Animal Wildlife Control Professional in Harris County?

    If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, there’s a good chance that opossums have moved into your Harris County house. To address the problem as quickly and affordably as possible, get in touch with a leading Beaumont Place, TX wild life removal professional. Master Services is a leading Harris County animal wildlife control company that specializes in the humane removal of all types of animals, including opossums. To schedule an appointment, call 713-723-4854 or visit

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