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Dallas TX Raccoon Control & Removal

At first, raccoons can seem like harmless animals that you don’t mind having around your property. That is until they start making a huge mess by knocking over trashcans and digging in cat and dog food bags. They can also become quite aggressive towards pets when they try to defend their food. Masters Services in Dallas takes raccoon control & raccoon removal seriously and always handles it a professional and thorough way. We are located at 11245 Goodnight Ln #35, Dallas, TX 75229 and can be reached via phone (972) 877-4650.

How to Tell If a Raccoon Is Invading Your Property

Raccoons don’t always stay hidden like some wildlife that invades your space, so many times you’ll know if they are hanging out around your home or business just by seeing them. However, a few other signs they have intruded on your property are when you see their tracks through dirt and mud and you see their droppings in various places. You may also see some claw marks from scratching on the bottoms of trees or on trash cans or trash bags. Pay attention to your attic and crawl spaces because if you see openings that a raccoon can fit through, there is a good chance they’ve utilized this. You may also hear them in your area. They make many different noises, but the most common is a low growl to protect food.

Why the Professionals Are More Effective

When it comes to raccoon control & raccoon removal in Dallas, it’s always best to enlist the services of a professional. Raccoons have adapted over time and are very intelligent and aware of the ways that people try to keep them off of their property. You’ll often find that your efforts don’t get the job done because raccoons will overcome them. Even if you think that you have rid yourself of the problem, raccoons will come back if the job isn’t done thoroughly.

The professionals at Masters Services will handle raccoon removal in a complete way that is done humanely and efficiently. We have designed our removal plan to use proven methods that effective remove and prevent the raccoon from returning. Once the job is complete, we’ll give you a quote on what the repair and the clean up process will cost if damage has been done to your structure. When a raccoon has lived in an attic, the mess can be overwhelming if you don’t have the training and proper cleaning tools to disinfect, repair, and get the space back to normal.

How You Can Utilize Our Services

You can benefit from our services in raccoon control & raccoon removal in Dallas by calling us today and scheduling an inspection, and we’ll give you a quote. We keep our prices affordable, and we can give you as much or as little help as you need for your particular situation. We don’t want you to be surprised by cost, so we give you honest pricing. You choose what you need so you don’t have to pay for additional services that you deem unnecessary. Get in touch today and let us help with raccoon control!

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