Are you due for a fireplace cleaning in Denver?

How regular is the maintenance of your fireplace? Do you get regular cleanings? When was your last inspection? If you are unsure of the answers to these or the answer is over a year ago, it is time for a fireplace cleaning. Getting your chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected on a regular basis is the best way to prevent costly repairs and dangerous burning conditions.

Most chimney fires can be prevented

Did you know that most if not all chimney fires are preventable? There are regular maintenance actions like fireplace and chimney cleaning that can prevent the build up of creosote, if the creosote is allowed to build up too far there is cause for concern, this material is flammable and in the event of a missing chimney cap can escape onto your roof and cause roof fires.

There was a client who called last year where they had had a chimney fire that damaged part of their roof as well. When the fire inspector made his conclusion on what had occurred it was due to Stage 3 creosote build up that had caught fire. If regular fireplace cleaning had been done this fire could have been prevented. The homeowner then ended up paying well into the thousands to get their fireplace and roof repaired and back into a good state of repair.

Don't be scared of your chimney!

A regularly inspected and maintained chimney is no danger to you or your home, the best way to handle and needed repairs is before they become dangers to you. Getting a fireplace cleaning at least every year or every cord of wood that is burned is the best way to stay on top of anything that can go wrong with your chimney.


Masters Services can help!

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