Why hire a Chimney Sweep Denver?

August is the perfect time of year to hire a Denver Chimney Sweep. If you call Masters Services Denver, you can set up an appointment for August, and beat the fall rush! Once September begins, everyone is scrambling to get their fireplace serviced, because the cold weather is near. People want to make sure their chimneys are safe and ready to use before that first fall day comes. Why not save yourself having to wait and set up an appointment with a chimney sweep Denver today.

Our Denver Chimney sweeps will first perform a full 22 point inspection on your wood burning or gas starter wood burning fireplace. This is a thorough inspection that will look over every component of your fireplace and let you know if there are any problems, and if it is safe to us. The Denver Chimney sweep will then move on to the chimney sweep process. This is a professional process that requires training and experience. Our Denver Chimney Sweep will clean out the creosote from the insides of your chimney, using a high powered vacuum and a special chimney sweep brush.

Why does this need to be done? What exactly is creosote?

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The creosote build-up is what causes strong odors, as well as puts your home at risk for chimney fires. Creosote is what accumulates on the inside of the brick of your chimney after using a wood burning fireplace over and over. With each use, the creosote will build up and get thicker. It often leaves a black coating on the inside of your chimney wall. That is why we recommend a Chimney Sweep Denver once a year – we want you to have a safe fireplace to use! The American Fire Association, along with Masters Services, recommends that in order to keep your fireplace safe from chimney fires, getting it cleaned for either every cord of wood you use or once a year is recommended.

Thank goodness for no mess cleanings:

When the Chimney technician cleans out your chimney, he will put down a tarp. We guarantee a NO MESS CLEANING! This means to dusty soot or dirty footprints left over in your home. The high powered vacuum will also help to contain the soot and dust that comes down from the chimney and will be vacuumed right up into the special high powered vacuum.

If you call Masters services chimney Sweep Denver, (303) 720-7096 today, you are not only beating the fall rush (where you will have to wait longer for an appointment) – you will also have your chimney safe and ready to use for when that fall weather comes! Fall is right around the corner, and we all know how soon Fall hits us in Denver. Call Masters Services Denver at (303) 720-7096. We have been open for almost 17 years, are A plus rated on the better business bureau, and are a member of Angie’s list. Call to set up your yearly chimney sweep with one of our friendly phone techs and we will send a chimney sweep out to your Denver home!