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Masters Services specializes in raccoon control & raccoon removal in Denton, TX, among other wildlife removal services. We know that when an animal like a raccoon invades your space, you’ll not only be frustrated, but you’ll also be dealing with a messy houseguest. Our thorough and dedicated team will guide you through the process of raccoon control & raccoon removal in Denton, TX so you can rest assured that the job will be done quickly and you won’t have to worry about the problem returning.

How You Know They’re in Your Area

Raccoons have a way of letting you know that they are around, and they may even come across at times as if they’re bragging about the amount of access they have to your home. They’ll knock over trashcans to rummage through them and leave a mess behind for other wildlife to pick through. Even if you believe that your neighbors are the ones with the problem, it might not be long before it’s actually you that needs raccoon control & raccoon removal in Denton, TX. If the areas where the raccoons entered homes or yards are closed, the animals will move on to the next house.

If you don’t see any obvious signs of raccoons but still sense that they’re around, you should look for openings to your attic by turning the light off on a sunny day and seeing where the sunshine comes through. Those openings can be a sign that you have raccoons or other wildlife entering your home. You should also look for tracks in your yard and around your garden, as well as claw marks and droppings in the space you think they are living in. You may also see them in your yard and hiding in spaces such as sheds that give them a little shelter from being seen by people.

How You Can Prevent Them from Coming Back

If you want to ensure that the wildlife doesn’t come back, the best way to prevent them from invading your space is to enlist Masters Services for our raccoon control & raccoon removal in Denton, TX. We’ll get to the root of the problem, whether it is a food or water source or the place where they entered your property or home. Once we’ve established how they enter your home and what is attracting them there in the first place, we’ll begin the process of humanely removing them and then preventing them from reentering. We know exactly what to look for and expect from raccoons because we’ve been dealing with them for years.

Give the Experts a Call

When you call in the experts at Masters Services, you’ll be pleased that our customer service is top notch and always comes with a friendly attitude and a smile. We know that our line of work is not for everyone, and we take pride in offering you superior services when it comes to raccoon removal. We’re easy for you to reach as well. You can call us at 972-877-4650 or stop by our office at 2301 N. Masch Branch Rd. Suite #201, Denton, Texas 76207. Don’t hesitate to stop by and let us know how we can help you with any raccoon control issues you’re having.

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