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Critters Control Willow

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Critters Control In Willow

What to Do With a Critter Inside the Attic in Willow, TX?

Masters Services has provided critters control in the Harris County community for over 16 years. If you suspect you may have a wild animal in your home call on the professional service you can trust for reliable wildlife removal. We put an end to unwanted wildlife activity on your property. Having a critter in the attic can be unnerving, our experienced technicians find the culprit and give you back peace of mind. You can rid your home of unwanted pests with our guaranteed customer satisfaction from Masters Services.

What Do You Do With a Critter in Attic in Willow?

Pests love our homes for the same reasons we do. They provide warmth, shelter, and dry beds. Though we like to share our homes with pets, having wildlife make themselves at home is something we could definitely do without. How do pests get into your attic in the first place? Houses are built with vents and there are gaps in the structure. These make for perfect entryways for pests to get inside the home. Smaller animals can squeeze through holes and cracks as narrow as half an inch wide making it unavoidable to prevent them sometimes. 

The presence of a wild animal in the home is not only unnerving, but they can also cause severe damage to your home’s structure. If you suspect you have an unwanted pest in your attic it is best to call a professional Willow, TX critters control specialist right away.

Type of Critter in Attic You Might Have Lurking Above You

  • Raccoons are notorious for making themselves at home in attics and chimneys. They can be very dangerous however, never attempt to trap raccoons and get rid of them on your own. A trained professional knows how to safely remove raccoons in the attic or building structure.
  • Bats can cause the need for heavy clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing. An experienced wildlife control company will know how to bat proof openings to prevent re-entry after removing the colony.
  • Squirrels are a common nuisance to homeowners and can quickly become overwhelming to deal with. Squirrels in attics commonly chew on electrical wires causing fire hazards.
  • A foul or “off” smell in the house that is not going away could mean you have a dead animal in a wall or attic. If you have an unpleasant odor in the house that just doesn’t go away or seems to be getting heavier or more pungent, but you do not hear any strange noises; you might possibly have a dead animal in a wall or attic. A Willow, TX critters control company will be able to search down the cause and remove the dead animal. You never want to take the chance of leaving a dead critter in attic or wall spaces. squirrel, they can be

How Can You Keep Animals Out of Your Attic?

There are some basic measures you can take to prevent animals from getting into your attic in the first place and avoid these problems altogether. Things you can do to avoid unwanted wildlife: 

  1. Make Regular Inspections of Your Homes Exterior

Surprisingly, a large number of homeowners admit to never going to certain areas of their homes or inspecting the roof. Keeping visual tabs on the condition of the house allows you to catch problems before they become a major issue. 

  1. Keep Neighboring Tree Branches Trimmed and Cut Back from Touching the Roof

Squirrels and raccoons are fantastic climbers and they will use trees to get onto your roof allowing them access into your attic. Pay attention to branches that may hover near your roof and trim them regularly.

  1. Look for Holes in the Roof and Fix Them Right Away

Commonly, critters in attics make their way in through small spaces on the roof. Regular inspections will allow you to see any areas of potential entry and fix them ASAP. 

  1. Keep Vents Covered 

Vents are another way wildlife can gain access to an attic. Covering vents is an easy preventative measure in eliminating critters in the attic. 

  1. Installing a Chimney Cap

Installing a chimney cap is a simple method to keeping animals out of your home. A chimney cap will also help keep birds and bats out as well.

Some ambitious homeowners go with DIY methods to prevent and remove wild animals and pests from your attic. It is always optimal to leave it to the professionals such as critters control Willow, TX instead. Because many of these creatures can become defensive when sick or scared and their potential to carry diseases like rabies, you’re at risk of infection or injury when you come into contact with them. A professional has the experience and knows how to properly remove and control these pests.

Looking to Find Help for Critter in Attic in the Harris County Area?

When it comes to removing unwanted wildlife from your dwellings Masters Services is the wildlife removal service you can trust. We have 16 years in the wildlife removal business in TX and we look forward to helping you rid your home and property of unwelcome critters for good. Call 713-723-4854 or visit us at Our professionals look forward to speaking with you and helping you solve your critter in attic problems.

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