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Critters Control Shadow Glen

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Critters Control In Shadow Glen

Rat Removal Services & Solutions in Shadow Glen, TX

Masters Services has provided expert wild animal and rat removal services in the Harris County community for over 16 years. When you suspect you may have a wild animal in your home call on the service you can trust for professional, reliable rat removal. We don’t stop until there is no unwanted wildlife on your property. When looking for critters control Shadow Glen, TX you can count on relief of unwanted pests and complete customer satisfaction from Masters Services.

Why You Need an Experienced Critters Control Specialist to Remove Rats from Your Home in Shadow Glen

Rats and mice prefer warm dark places to live. As a result, rats and mice like to look for shelter inside houses and other man-made structures. Rats can wiggle their way into gaps and holes as small as 1/2 inch. They will also gnaw their way into space if an opening is not big enough. Did you know, rats can also swim?If rodents can find food and water, it is highly likely that they will stay inside the home, and rodent populations grow very quickly. It can be hard to handle a rat population on your own. It is best to call a local rat removal company in Harris County that is experienced with rodent removal and can take the necessary critters control measures.

Rats in Attics and Walls Can Cause Damage

It can be quite unpleasant, and disgusting to see a rat in the house. Even worse is that rodents can cause damage with their gnawing, nest-making, urinating, defecating, and their potential for spreading disease. 

It is always best to let a professional wildlife control specialist handle any unwanted animals that sneak into your house or under porches and building structures. These specialists in Shadow Glen, TX critters control have all the proper equipment and experience to handle rat removal. 

Rodents like to have soft, comfortable nests for giving birth to babies. They will use whatever they can find, like newspapers, clothes, and cardboard boxes. Insulation, drywall, and wiring are not safe either. This can cause significant and expensive damage to your home as well as causing a fire hazard.

Rats and Mice will Hunt for Food Inside the House

If a rat gets inside your food, it can potentially spread diseases including Salmonellosis: A disease that is transmitted when a person eats or drinks food or water that is contaminated by rodent feces that can cause diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.

Rats can multiply… fast!

Rodents populations build very quickly in a home or building. Each female rat can have up to 7 litters in 1 year, and up to 14 young in each of those litters. They are full-grown in about 4 weeks, which means that those rats are now ready to populate. It is best to call a rat removal service as soon as you discover the rodents in your house.

A foul or “off” smell throughout the house that is not going away could mean you have dead animals in a wall or attic.

If you have an unpleasant smell in the house that won’t go away or seems to be building; be aware you might possibly have a dead animal somewhere in a wall, ceiling, or attic. A Shadow Glen, TX critters control company will be able to search down the cause and remove the dead animal. A professional service has the proper tools and knowledge to find rat colonies that may be breeding in your home and remove them properly. They will sanitize the area and repair any damage it caused as well as finding exterior entries they might have used to get in and seal them off from future animal invaders. You do not want to take a chance having dead and decaying animals in your home’s interior, this could cause illness for humans and domestic pets. You should always seek out the help of wild animal control if you suspect there could be a dead animal somewhere in your home. Avoid using poisons on rodent populations or you could end up with dead animals in your walls and attic making the problem worse.

Seal Off Areas of Possible Entry Once the Animals Are Removed

After the wildlife has been removed and the area cleaned up, the experienced critters control Shadow Glen, TX company will be able to thoroughly investigate how the animals got in and seal up and repair any entryways to prevent further invasion.

Looking for Reliable Rat Removal In Harris County?

When it comes to removing rats from your home, Masters Services is the rat removal service you can trust. We have 16 years in the critter control business in TX and we have the experience and know-how to rid your home and property of unwelcome critters for good. Call 713-723-4854 or visit us at Our professional and courteous rodent control technicians look forward to speaking with you and helping you solve your rat removal problems.

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