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Critters Control Parkwest

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Critters Control In Parkwest

Signs you need Animal Control Services in Parkwest, TX

Masters Services is the Harris County area’s expert animal control specialist. For 16 years Masters has been removing unwanted animals from area homes and properties. Our staff is experienced and ready to help you. We provide complete satisfaction and we guarantee our job is not finished until your property is pest free. Trying to remove unwanted wildlife from your property on your own can be dangerous. Masters Services Parkwest, TX critters control uses specific humane tactics for removing unwelcome animals from your home. Give us a call and rest assured knowing we are taking care of you and taking care of unwanted wild animals in your home and property.

How Can I Determine If I have a Critter Taking Up Residence With Me and Need Parkwest, TX Critters Control?

  • Safety First. Do not go into spaces you suspect a wild animal might be. If cornered or scared the animal might attack. Professional animal control services are prepared to handle these situations.
  • Listen for odd noises. Most animals taking up residence in attics are nocturnal. Late at night when it’s quiet is the best time to listen for activity. If you can, try to pinpoint the central location of the noise. 
  • Look at the outside structure of your building. Look along gutters, roof shingles and any other points of entry for areas of damage where an animal might be able to slip in. Many animals can squeeze through spaces smaller than you would imagine. Some animals will dig to get under porches or access through basements.
  • Now that you have some details and can be fairly certain you have a wildlife problem you’ll want to take care of it right away. It’s time to call professional critters control.

Always remember, even though wild animals sometimes appear cute and cuddly, they can and will do expensive damage to your home to nest and have a cozy place to live. Wild animals do attack, especially if scared, threatened or protecting babies. Never try to remove a wild animal from your home yourself. There are species specific techniques animal control services use to remove animals and they know the local laws in Harris County on how to properly remove them from your property.

What To Ask a Professional Harris County Animal Control Service

Now that you know you need critters control Parkwest, TX there are some service specifics to ask about.

1- Are you licensed and insured?

Any time you have someone working on your property you want to make sure they have proper licenses and insurance.

2- Do You Use Humane Practices to Remove the Animal?

Professional Harris County animal control service companies should be familiar with local laws and ordinances to humanely catch and remove wildlife from your house and property.

3- What do they do in terms of Cleanup?

Will they properly remove traces of urine, feces, and animal debris caused by the wild animal in your home, and will they properly sanitize the areas occupied by the animal?

4- Will They Make Any Necessary Repairs to Prevent the Animal From Getting In Again?

Will they properly inspect the house for further entry points and be sure to seal off any areas where the animal or another animal might get in again? 

5- Will they come back if the animal comes back?

Will they come back to remove the animal if it returns? Do they guarantee any work they did to seal off areas of possible entry if an animal gets in the same place? 

What Else Will a Professional Critters Control Service Do?

When wildlife animals like skunks, raccoons or squirrels get into homes, it can be a very stressful experience. These animals can quickly create a big mess, cause expensive damage and can also carry a host of diseases with them.

Critters control Parkwest, TX will perform the proper inspections to determine the type of animal causing your problems and the best approach to remove it. Dryer and exhaust vents provide perfect spots for birds to nest. Squirrels and bats often find their way into a house through gable vents that are insecurely screened, not screened at all or have holes in them. Mice and rats slip through gaps along the foundations.

Raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they are protecting their young. They are also a public health threat since they carry histoplasmosis and rabies. Never attempt to capture a raccoon on your own. You want to call trained wildlife pros ready and properly prepared to handle your raccoon problem safely following any Harris County laws and ordinances. 

When a skunk feels threatened, it will spray people or pets with an oily liquid. This liquid contains sulfur compounds which are produced by glands located at the base of the tail. Skunks have the capacity to spray up to 20 feet. Their spray can be painful and can even temporarily blind its victims.

Are You Looking for Experienced Animal Control Services in Harris County?

If you are looking for critters control in Parkwest be sure to call Masters Services at 713-723-4854. Or visit our website for more information. We fully serve the Harris County area and we guarantee removal of unwanted animals and prevent them from further entry and damage to your home and property. We are happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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