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Critters Control Lexington Woods

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Critters Control In Lexington Woods

Frequently Asked Questions About Raccoon Removal in Lexington Woods, TX

Masters Services provides trusted critters control in the Harris County and surrounding areas. Are you hearing noises in your attic? It’s possible you have animals living in attic spaces. This is a problem you need professional help with. Masters Services specializes in raccoon removal and nuisance wildlife control. If you are seeking critters control Lexington Woods, TX you can have confidence knowing we will get rid of those pests. We provide timely, professional service and we guarantee we will not stop until the wildlife pest is gone. 

What to do if you suspect you have a raccoon problem in Lexington Woods

If you suspect that you have raccoon activity in your home, it’s best to contact an experienced raccoon removal service like Masters. Raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they are protecting their young. They are also a public health threat since they carry histoplasmosis and rabies. Never attempt to capture a raccoon on your own. You want to call trained wildlife pros ready and properly prepared to handle your raccoon problem safely following any Harris County laws and ordinances. 

Q: I Hear noises Inside My Attic, Does It Mean I have an Animal Inside My Ceiling?

A: It could. In fact, it is very common in TX to have issues with raccoons, squirrels, rats, and even bats trapped inside the home. Very often these critters make their way in and can’t find their way out. They may decide it’s a cozy place to make a home or worse yet, start a family. That is why you need professional critters control. 

Many homeowners are not even aware they have an unwanted visitor unless they hear noises in the wall or ceiling. A professional critter removal service in Harris County will be able to identify the source of the noise as well as the point of entry. You will sleep much better at night knowing your home is free of these unwanted creatures.

Raccoons commonly take up residence in attics where they cause extensive and expensive damage. Raccoons can be very aggressive and you should never attempt to remove them on your own. always call Lexington Woods, TX critters control to get rid of these unwelcome pests.

Q: Can Wild Animals Cause Damage Inside My House?

A: They absolutely can! Wild animals do not know the difference between attic insulation and leaves from the trees outside. If a raccoon or other wildlife comes into your attic and decides to build a nest they will use whatever materials they can find to build a cozy nesting spot. The nesting material they choose includes the insulation meant to protect your house from climate changes. If an animal has torn into your attic insulation it leaves your home’s temperature regulation less efficient. An animal in the attic or walls may also chew through wiring causing expensive electrical damage throughout your home. It is also a fire hazard. If a wild animal like a raccoon is urinating inside your attic you may even end up with ceiling stains in the room below or a smell that is hard to get rid of. Imagine the nightmare of trying to get rid of the urine odor from inside your home. If you suspect wildlife might possibly be residing in your ceiling or walls call critter removal Lexington Woods, TX right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Q: Do I need to Use a Professional Service to Rid My Home of Intrusive Wildlife? Couldn’t I just handle it myself?

A: Due to state and local laws it is always best to use professional Critters Control Lexington Woods, TX like Masters Services. Especially if you are dealing with raccoon removal. A Professional critter removal service will be able to discover what kind of animal or animals you have, where they are hiding or breeding and they will know exactly how to humanely capture them. Professional services in wildlife control will also be able to remove the animals from your property.

It is also possible to be dealing with a frightened or sick animal who could attack you if surprised or backed into a corner. A professional is equipped to deal with such occurrences, in fact, they expect it and are prepared for it. They know just what to do if an animal tries to attack. The average homeowner is ill equipped to deal with such events.

Q: Will Raccoons Return Once They Are Removed From My Property?

A: It is possible that a raccoon that is removed will return. This is why it’s important when choosing a critters control service that you chose a reputable company that is experienced in your area. They will repair the source of entry and control any future problems caused by the invader, including making sure it does not return.

Looking for reliable raccoon removal in Harris County?

When it comes to removing unwanted wildlife from your dwellings Masters Services is the wildlife removal service you can trust. We have 16 years in the wildlife removal business in TX and we look forward to helping you rid your home and property of unwelcome critters for good. Call 713-723-4854 or visit us at Our professional and courteous technicians look forward to speaking with you and helping you solve your raccoon removal problems.

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