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Critters Control Inwood Terrace

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Critters Control In Inwood Terrace

Skunk Removal Services & Solutions in Inwood Terrace, TX

Masters Services has provided expert skunk removal services in the Harris County community for over 16 years. When you suspect you may have a wild animal in your home call on the service you can trust for professional, reliable skunk removal. We don’t stop until there is no unwanted wildlife on your property. When looking for critters control Inwood Terrace, TX you can be assured relief of unwanted pests and customer satisfaction from Masters Services.

Why You Want an Experienced Critters Control Specialist to Remove a Skunk from Your Property in Inwood Terrace

Skunks are famous for their foul-smelling spray. Skunks are one of the most common nuisance wildlife creatures for homeowners. The black-and-white striped nocturnal animals are common in the United States in both urban and suburban areas. 

Not only is the smell they emit awful, there are a few other problems skunks can cause:

  1. They can spray people and pets – When a skunk feels threatened, it will spray people or pets with an oily liquid. This liquid contains sulfur compounds which are produced by glands located at the base of the tail. Skunks have the capacity to spray up to 20 feet. Their spray can be painful and can even temporarily blind its victims.
  2. Skunks damage lawns – Skunks dig for insect larvae and are known to tear up lawns.
  3. They carry rabies – Skunks are a public health threat. They are second only to the raccoon in the number of reported rabies cases among wildlife animals in the U.S.
  4. Skunks are notorious for inhabiting structures – They often take up residency beneath foundations, sheds, decks, and porches. People often don’t realize a skunk is living on their property until a dog or cat has a confrontation with the skunk and comes home trailing the pungent skunk odor.

The skunk is not an animal you want a confrontation with. It is highly recommended that skunk removal professionals are contacted quickly before a person or pet on the property is sprayed. If you suspect you have a skunk on your property, keep an eye on pets and children and call Inwood Terrace, TX critters control right away. They are experienced with dealing with skunk removal and can do the job more effectively in a safe humane manner.

What Else Will a Professional Critters Control Service Do?

When wildlife animals like skunks, raccoons or squirrels get into homes, it can be a very stressful experience. These animals can quickly create a big mess, cause expensive damage, and can also carry a host of diseases with them.

Critters control Inwood Terrace, TX will perform an inspection to determine the type of animal causing your problems and the best approach to remove it. Exhaust and dryer vents provide perfect spots for birds to nest. Bats and squirrels will often find their way in through gable vents that are not screened or have holes in them. Mice and rats slip through gaps along with the foundations. 

Once the wildlife is identified your wildlife animal control specialist will:

  • Humanely Remove the OffenderThe wildlife control technician will follow all local and state ordinances to humanely catch and remove wildlife from your property.
  • Cleanup Any Destruction Caused by WildlifeThe company will remove traces of urine, feces, and debris caused by the animal from your home and sanitize conditions in the area.
  • Check for Further Areas of Possible EntryAfter the wildlife has been removed and the area cleaned up, the critters control Inwood Terrace, TX company thoroughly investigates how the animal got in and seals up any entrances to prevent further entry.
  • Provides a Follow Up GuaranteeThe skunk removal service will follow up to make sure the animal has not come back and if it does, they will come back for further investigation and removal. Sometimes an animal will come back. It’s important to make sure the service you choose will honor any repair work they did if the animal gets back in and removes it again.

What Other Types of Animals do Inwood Terrace, TX Critters Control Handle?

A wildlife removal specialist will handle most wildlife that has gotten into your home. If you already know what type of animal you have it’s best to let them know when you speak to them initially so they have a good understanding of what they might be dealing with, though they will be prepared for anything.

Are You Looking for reliable skunk removal services in Harris County?

When it comes to skunk removal from your dwellings Masters Services is the wildlife removal service you can trust. Masters has 16 years in the wildlife removal business in Harris County and we look forward to helping you rid your home of unwelcome critters for good. Visit us at or call 713-723-4854. Our professional and courteous technicians look forward to speaking with you and helping you solve your critter control problems.

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