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Critters Control Brays Village East

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Critters Control In Brays Village East

Looking For Wildlife Removal in Brays Village East

Masters Services has provided critters control in the Harris County community for over 16 years. When you suspect you may have a wild animal in your home call on the service you can trust for professional, reliable wildlife removal. We don’t stop until there is no unwanted wildlife activity on your property. When looking for critters control Brays Village East, TX you can be assured relief of unwanted pests and customer satisfaction from Masters Services.

When Do I need Brays Village East, TX Critters Control?

Do you hear strange noises that seem to be coming from your ceiling or walls? It is possible you have a wild animal in your attic. Removing a wild animal can be dangerous, especially if you are inexperienced in wildlife removal procedures. The best course of action is to call a professional service that specializes in wildlife removal and control.

Did you know that many types of animals are known to get trapped inside homes and property. Most commonly you can find yourself with squirrels, skunks, rats, raccoons or opossum trapped or living in your house. Sometimes, they find it so cozy they decide to have babies. 

How Can I Determine If I have a Critter Taking Up Residence With Me?

While it’s a good idea to call Brays Village East, TX critters control right away, you can take a few steps safely on your own.

  • Listen for odd noises. If you can, try to pinpoint the central location of the noise. This will help guide your critters control professional on where to start.
  • Search the outside structure of your building. Look along gutters, roof shingles and any other points of entry for areas of damage where an animal might be able to slip in. Many animals can squeeze through spaces smaller than you would imagine.
  • Stay safe. Do not go into spaces you suspect a wild animal might be. If cornered or scared the animal might attack.
  • Call a professional. Now that you have some details and can be fairly certain you have a wildlife problem you’ll want to take care of it right away.

Will Critters Control Brays Village East, TX Guarantee Removal of Unwanted Wildlife?

A reputable wildlife removal company like Masters Service is highly experienced with removing unwanted critters from your house and property. They will guarantee removal of your unwelcome guest and repair the damage it caused. An experienced company will also make sure the animals will not come back in. Many areas have laws dealing with wildlife removal and a professional service will know just what to do with the pesky creatures.

The Types of Animals You Might Encounter To Prompt a call to Brays Village East, TX Critter Control

  • Raccoons can be very dangerous, never attempt to trap raccoons and get rid of them on your own. A trained professional knows how to remove raccoons in the attic or ceilings.
  • Bats can cause the need for heavy clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing. An experienced wildlife control company will know how to bat-proof opening to prevent re-entry.
  • Squirrels are a common nuisance to homeowners that can quickly become overwhelming to deal with. Squirrels in attics chew on electrical wires causing fire hazards.
  • You want to get rid of skunks fast. Be sure the company you choose uses safe and fast skunk removal methods.
  • Dead animals might be in a wall, ceiling, attic, or anywhere that has an unpleasant or foul odor.

Be sure your wildlife removal in Harris cleans up any feces, urine, nesting debris, and other unwanted mess left from the pest. Areas not properly cleaned can become breeding grounds for bacteria and become toxic. You also want to be sure they repair any damage in those hard to get areas to prevent problems down the road.

Humane Solutions for Wildlife Removal in Brays Village East

A big concern for many is whether or not the wildlife invading your home will be done humanely. Beware of inexperienced services that promise quick and easy critter removal through poison or kill traps. A professional and experienced Brays Village East, TX critters control will use proper and humane techniques specific to the type of animal they are dealing with. Poisoning pests could leave you with dead animals in your walls or attic causing even more problems down the road. A reputable critters control service will be willing to give you an estimate and explain how they will find the animal lurking in your home and remove them.

Looking for reliable critter removal in Harris County?

When it comes to removing unwanted wildlife from your dwellings Masters Services is the wildlife removal service you can trust. We have 16 years in the wildlife removal business in Harris County and we look forward to helping you rid your home of unwelcome critters for good. Visit us at or call 713-723-4854. Our professional and courteous technicians look forward to speaking with you and helping you solve your critter control problems.

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