Master Services, Inc (303)720-7096 can do your yearly Denver chimney sweep cleaning.

Colorado has an excellent climate for using a fireplace for six months a year or more. Even with restricted burn ban days a homeowner can burn quite a lot of wood in one season.

When using a wood burning fireplace, or any fireplace, one should have a chimney and fireplace inspected every year. A chimney cleaning should be performed when necessary per a Certified Chimney Professional. A Denver chimney sweep cleaning cost between $100 - $200 depending on the company chosen.

How to choose a Denver chimney sweep cleaning service?

When choosing any company to come and work on your home you should make sure they have:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Business License
  • Commercial Auto Coverage
  • Worker Compensation Coverage
  • Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep
  • Logo on truck for identification
  • Uniformed employees, not using subcontractors
  • Good reviews, good grade with BBB

Many homeowners never check any information on the companies they hire. Checking companies reputations is the vary least a homeowner can do to hopefully get good service.

When should you call for a Denver chimney sweep cleaning?

The best time to have a chimney sweep cleaning is in the Spring or before the first time you ever use the fireplace. Spring is best for a chimney cleaning because you can get the soot out of the chimney and fireplace after the last burn of the fireplace. This way the soot does not sit and enter the home all year long. The fireplace is also ready for the next years burning season. Any repairs can be performed and think of the fireplace as being put up clean and ready, not wet and dirty.

Chad Murray with Master Services, Inc is a Certified Chimney Professional. He advises homeowners to get chimney inspections for safety every year. People get their homes cleaned by maids weekly or even biweekly, so at least get your chimney inspected before the first burn of the year. Chimney inspections for safety typically cost around $100 and could save your home from burning down to the ground. It sounds harsh or even cliche for a chimney professional to say, but think of the consequences of burning an unsafe fireplace. It is better not to even use the fireplace if it is not inspected than to use a fire hazardous fireplace. Just be safe and get your yearly chimney inspection for safety.

There is nothing better than seeing the local forecast predict cooler weather in the fall and knowing your fireplace is ready! Having the fireplace ready in the Fall because you had it serviced in the Spring is better because:

  • No waiting until the local Certified Chimney Professional can put you on his schedule. 2-3 weeks wait list.
  • Obviously the fireplace is ready
  • Spring is typically a cheaper price for a Denver chimney sweep cleaning
  • No fall repairs and waiting to have them completed to make the fireplace usable

Don't be waiting for a Denver chimney sweep cleaning company, be ready for a Denver chimney sweep cleaning.

Call Master Services, Inc to service your chimney sweep or chimney cleaning needs.