Are you in need of a Denver chimney sweep?

When you need a chimney sweep in Denver, you need look no further than Masters Services Denver! We can inspect, clean and repair most any chimney and we guarantee a no-muss no-fuss experience to boot. Our technicians will arrive in uniform, driving a logoed vehicle carrying all of the tools necessary to get the job at hand finished. When performing a sweep our technicians use a HEPA filtered vacuum system to remove both soot and buildup from your chimney. This ensures that there are no harmful particulates floating about in the air to breath or being deposited about your home.

Keeping your chimney clean with a Denver Chimney sweep can save you hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars in the unfortunate event of a chimney or flue fire. It is generally recommended that you have your chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected yearly. This ensures that all of the components of your fireplace and chimney system are in good working condition and that they are safe for your family and guests.

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Some of the things that Denver chimney sweeps do during an inspection include; looking at the firebox of your fireplace for cracks and mortar or brick damage, an inspection of the damper mechanisms to ensure safe operation, a visual inspection of the flue to determine if a cleaning is needed, checking of the lintel for separation, looking above the smoke shelf for debris and fire hazard cracking, and finally inspection of the chimney itself, both the inside and the outside.

Denver Chimney sweeps are also handy when you have a nest or an animal in your chimney as well. We can come and do an inspection to estimate the cost of removal of said animals, and we also have the ability to fabricate custom chimney caps in order to keep unwanted guests out of your chimney and fireplaces. We are expert at both removal and proofing of your chimney to ensure that no critters can take up residence unexpectedly after we have cleaned and spruced it up. Call us to set up an appointment for a Denver chimney sweep today and free yourself of worry while you have a fire burning.

When you call Masters Services for a Denver chimney sweep you can rest assured that we are on the job. With sixteen years of experience in the sweeping industry, we have handled most all kinds of situations and types of cleaning. We can give estimates on the spot to ensure that you are not unaware of the costs of cleaning and repairs. All of our technicians carry an electronic tablet to ensure ease of scheduling, payment and invoicing. Call us today to get your chimney cleaned, an estimate on a chimney cap, a new gas log set for your firebox or an animal removed from your fireplace or chimney!