Why Hire a Certified Denver Chimney Service

Now is the perfect time of year to hire a certified Denver chimney service. With that chilly weather, getting your chimney all swept and good to go for the season is the perfect gift you could give to yourself and your family. What better way to kick back and relax through the chilly Denver winters than sitting with your loved ones by a nice toasty fireplace. Not only does a fireplace create heat and warmth, the flames from the fire provide a relaxing and inviting ambiance to any family room.


But the first step to sitting by the fire and relaxing is to schedule your yearly chimney sweep and inspection. Our technicians will first perform a full twenty two point safety inspection, to make sure that your chimney is safe to use. Next, they will go ahead and do the chimney sweep. This process involves removing the build of all of the creosote from within your chimney walls. This creosote build up is what homeowners want to avoid- the American Fire Association as well as all of us here at Masters Services recommends having your Chimney cleaned at least once a year. This recommendation is based on the fact that a build up of creosote and improper fire care maintenance remain the number one reason for chimney fires. A simple way to prevent this from happening is by scheduling your yearly Chimney Sweep in Denver.

Have you been trying to find the right Chimney sweep in Denver, and wondering who is the best chimney sweep in Denver? Well, look no further. Our Denver Chimney sweep services are affordable, reliable, and A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau. Masters Services is also a proud member of Angie’s list, and have been featured on Best Pick Reports.

We are well known for being the best chimney sweep in Denver. Please feel free to search our google reviews. Every one of them is authentic and can be referenced at your request.

Let’s start with the basics. Would you like to find out how we clean our chimneys? The process is more complicated then you might guess. We also proudly guarantee a no mess cleaning which Masters Services is very proud of. Our technicians come to your Denver location to perform a Denver Chimney Sweep. Click on this link to check out our very own company video on how to clean a chimney.

Our technicians take the time and care to arrive in a clean truck, uniformed and ready to go.


Before the chimney sweep is performed, the technician will perform a full safety inspection. If he finds any issues with your fireplace, he will go over them with you at this time. After the safety inspection is performed, he will move forward with the chimney sweep.

Have you ever wondered how we do our Denver Chimney sweep?

Here is an outlined list of the specific procedures that we do:

Step one – The technician will put a clean tarp down to eliminate mess, and so that soot will not be tracked throughout the house.

Step two- The technician will bring all of the tools and supplies in, and set them on the tarp. They will then place a light in the chimney so that they will be able to see all the soot creosote and determine the level of creosote build up that you have in your chimney. This light will insure that the vacuum picks all the access soot up!

Step Three- Next a technician will run a long pole with a special brush up to the top of the chimney flue.

Step Four – The chimney brush in combination with the high powered vacuum will remove the layers of harmful and hazardous creosote from your chimney.

Step Five – Once the creosote has been completely removed from the chimney, the technician will proceed to clean the inside of the firebox thoroughly.

Step Six- Once the firebox and flue are cleaned, the technician will remove all of the equipment in an orderly fashion, in order to ensure keeping your fireplace area completely clean.

The special high powered vacuum will cut down on any soot and creosote from getting into the air and affecting the air cleanliness and quality.

Let’s move onto air quality in your home.

I have had many customers ask me if there are other reasons to get a chimney sweep besides to prevent chimney fires. That leads us to the question:

Can getting a yearly chimney sweep be good for you and your family’s health?



Yes! Yes it can.

Not only is a chimney sweep good for the safety of your household, it is also good for the air health and quality of your home. If you or someone you love suffers from household allergies, or has asthma, this is very important.

Did you know that every year, people are unnecessarily exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide from their improperly functioning chimneys? You can not smell this. Low levels of undetectable carbon monoxide that come from a dirty creosote built up chimney can produce vague, flu like symptoms.

Just another reason to hire a certified Denver Chimney Service!

How is our workmanship?

Now check out a sample of just a few of our many satisfied customers. Here you can get an idea of the quality of our workmanship. We are proudly family owned and operated. We do not contract out and hire trusted technicians who are courteous and friendly. Thank you again for considering Masters Services.

These guys rock!!! Super fast service, on time, cleaned up, well priced and explained everything. Can’t go wrong!!

Debbie, Google

Our fireplace had not been used in at least ten years because the previous owners had never used it. It was originally wood burning but had been converted to gas at some point. We had to rebuild the back wall of the firebox to make it safe for wood burning and convert the gas outlet into a gas starter. Jon did an excellent job, clean, efficient, and trustworthy.

Crystal, Google

Called with an earlier appointment opening, which I accepted. Explained service and completed job in time estimated. work was clean and efficient. Very happy this service and will use again and recommend.

Name not provided, Home Advisor

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