Have Fireplaces Cleaned by the Best Denver Chimney Sweep

It’s the time of year when a family wants to enjoy a warm fire in their living room while watching television. However, before placing the logs in the fireplace and lighting the kindling with a match, call the best Denver chimney sweep. There is a good chance that you home’s firebox and shaft are filled with ashes that are extremely dangerous. Hiring a certified chimney sweep in Denver means that the entire fireplace structure is inspected, cleaned and repaired correctly. Working on shafts and fireplaces is a specialized task that requires specific training to understand. This is because each fireplace has a unique structure that requires inspection and cleaning.

Contact an Expert Chimney Sweep in Denver

Many homeowners get so busy they forget about the important chore of caring for fireplaces located throughout their house. A fireplace’s system extends from the interior to the exterior of a building, making the cleaning job strenuous and dangerous. The professional chimney sweep in Denver has the perfect equipment for inspecting the shaft from a building’s rooftop to the floor. The best Denver chimney sweep uses a camera to look at the shaft’s interior carefully to find problems with its metal lining, bricks or mortar. While looking at the fireplace’s interior, the chimney sweep in Denver also looks for a buildup of debris and contamination.

A Chimney Sweep in Denver Removes Sticky Creosote

Homeowners may think that a fire burns cleanly with smoke rising to the top of the fireplace’s shaft, but there are areas where debris collects. The soot and ashes from fuel settles on the shaft’s surface before turning into a thick creosote layer that is highly flammable that requires the best Denver chimney sweep to remove. In addition, debris from outside such as leaves and branches can float inside a rooftop’s shaft, sticking to residue. These items will catch on fire, leading to flames that can burn into home’s rooms. A large blockage of debris in a shaft can prevent smoke from rising, causing lethal gases to enter a home.

The Best Denver Chimney Sweep Works for Masters Services

Masters Services offers chimney sweep in Denver inspections, cleaning and repairs to residential and commercial customers. As a family owned and operated business, this best Denver chimney sweep business offers friendly and personal service. When arriving at a home or business, we protect a customer’s property from damage by covering surfaces such as carpets and furniture with heavy cloths. We take inspections seriously by looking at the firebox and internal structures of a fireplace before looking at the shaft on the rooftop.