It is never a bad time to schedule a Denver chimney sweep cleaning for your fireplace and chimney. Denver has a climate that a fireplace can be used almost year round.

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When is the best time to have your Chimney sweep Denver cleaning?

  • SPRING: After the last time it is used for the year.
  • FALL: Before you start using the fireplace in the fall.
  • MAINTENANCE: After you burn a cord of wood.
  • SMOKING: If anything goes wrong with the usage of the fireplace.
  • CHANGE OF RESIDENCY: Before you purchase or lease a new home.

Spring is really the absolute best time for a chimney sweep Denver cleaning because all of the creosote (soot) is taken out and not sitting in the chimney all year long. Creosote is the by-product of wood that builds up in the chimney. Creosote is unburned, charred wood chunks, and/ or debris from the burning wood. I best describe it as fine charcoal.

Getting the fireplace and chimney serviced after the wood burning seasons usage gets rid of all the hazardous materials left behind. It really puzzles my why the busy season for the chimney professionals is in the fall when it should be in the spring. Getting all that creosote out of your house should be a major priority every spring.

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Fall is when most homeowners think of getting their Denver chimney sweep cleaning performed. The thought is let’s get ready for the fire burning season before we use the fireplace. Still a great time to have the fireplace and chimney serviced because it will be inspected and cleaned if necessary making it ready to use.

When you are using your fireplace and burned a cord of wood you should have a Denver chimney sweep cleaning. Some chimney professionals suggest after every one and a half cords of wood burned. I have seen some chimney systems need a chimney cleaning with only a half a cord burned since the last service. I have also seen a fireplace that has had 5 cords burned in it and look like brand new.

Of course if anything goes wrong during a live burn in your fireplace or chimney you should schedule a Denver chimney sweep cleaning.

When changing residency is always a good time to get the fireplace and chimney serviced. It’s like getting a new system that is ready to safely burn. Plus any repairs that are needed are paid for by the former homeowner.

What can creosote do to affect your health?

  • Respiratory Issues. Breathing in creosote is bad for the lungs and overtime can develop respiratory problems.
  • Cancer. Creosote is a carcinogen.
  • Skin Rashes.
  • Eye Irritation. Creosote can cause your eyes to be sensitive and feel like they have been burned.

Many factors go into why creosote is left behind sticking to the chimney flue. The time the wood has seasoned, the type of wood, how much wood is in your fire burning, and how often you burn are all considerations of why creosote is left behind.

Especially if you or anyone in your home has seasonal allergies, getting your chimney swept routinely will help to cut down on allergens and agitators in your home.

What happens when a Denver chimney sweep cleaning is performed?

Once an appointment is scheduled, a trained chimney professional will show up on time and perform a chimney inspection for safety. That generally cost between $99 and $125. After the chimney inspection is completed, the repairs or upgrades will be discussed and a chimney cleaning can begin.

A large cover tarp with be laid in front of the fireplace. Then the chimney cleaning vacuum, chimney poles, and any other hand brushes or tools are brought in and laid on the tarp. The vacuum is turned on and the chimney poles are ran up the chimney to the top. The poles have a brush on the end to release any creosote that is sticking to the chimney. As the creosote falls the vacuum collects it and any other chimney debris that comes down. The polls are going to be repeated until no more

At this point, if your chimney or fireplace are in need of any repairs the technician will go over in full what repairs are needed and how this can or will affect your home, at this time we will also leave you with an estimate for any repairs that are needed. When you are ready to get these repairs done we will schedule a time for the repairs and any installations and get them done as soon as convenient for you. Most repairs can be completed in one day, some may take longer depending on the extent of repair needed.

Your safety is our priority!

Having a chimney and fireplace in your home can be a source of enjoyment. If can also become a source of grief depending on the maintenance and safety when burning. There are stories after stories of homeowners who did not clean or maintain their chimneys on a routine and ended up with chimney fires, roof fires and so on. This is never a situation that we like to hear of but unfortunately, it happens. We normally get called out to see and fix the after effects of these incidents. The problem with this is that they could have been prevented from the beginning if regular maintenance was preformed by trained chimney professionals.

Another common occurrence where we have found there to be damage or uncontrolled fires is where the homeowner called out a “chimney sweep” that set up shop that year during chimney season with a chimney brush and a vacuum. While these guys might be great in getting your seasonal cleaning done, they are not Certified Chimney Professionals and should not be depended on for knowing and ensuring that your chimney and fireplace are up to code with all safety factors in place.

There is no reason that you should have to worry about your fireplace. The key is to get routine Denver chimney sweep cleaning done and to ensure that anything noted to be in disrepair is corrected before using your fireplace again. This is the only way to ensure that you are safe.

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