Many homeowners with a chimney will have a fireplace, a wood stove, a pellet stove, or even a regular furnace. These are often a preferred way to heat a home because they are cost-effective and will have a fuel that is renewable. Many homeowners are looking to a wood as an economical heating solution that can replace the increasing cost or propane and fuel oil. The best Denver CO chimney sweep will have more information about burning wood for heat.

Know The Fireplace Basics

A wood burning stove or fireplace produces smoke when wood is burned. The smoke contains all sorts of pollutants, such as gases and solid particles. There pollutants will rise up the chimney and be vented away from the home. However, wood smoke will begin to cool as it rises up a chimney. This can result in contact being made with the chimney liner or pipe which is much cooler. Smoke that cools will turn into a substance called creosote. The best Denver chimney sweep, Masters Services, will be able to explain the dangers of creosote.

What to know about Creosote Buildup

This is a substance that is gummy and can become combustible when in high enough concentrations. If the smoke is susceptible to becoming liquid, then a coating builds up on the inside of the chimney. This coating is tough and can become dangerous over time. The smoke from a fire can also mix with various other substances and create a flaky and porous substance. If this happens, then it may build up and clog the chimney. A homeowner will need the best chimney sweeping company in Denver Co to examine their chimney.

Dangers of Not Sweeping the Chimney

The build up of creosote in a residential chimney can eventual reach dangerous levels. The reason why is because creosote is a substance that is highly combustible. If the concentration is too high inside the chimney, then a fire can occur. Creosote that burns in a chimney can reach a temperature of over 2,000 degrees. Heating fires account of about 36 percent of home fires that occur in rural areas. Homeowners should ask the best Denver chimney sweep about the dangers of creosote.

Chimney Fire Prevention

The best way to prevent a chimney fire is with regular maintenance. This is a task that requires using a professional who has training and experience. The best Denver CO chimney sweep will be able to clean out a chimney and address any issues that have the potential to cause a problem. Homeowners should have their chimney inspected one each year if it us used heavily during the winter. A professional will check a chimney for weather damage and other obvious issues.

The Best Denver CO Chimney Sweep

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