Trying to determine the initial cause of damage to your chimney can quickly devolve into a chicken and egg scenario. On one hand, it appears the crown wore out and water seeped in to cause spalling of brick and mortar. On the other hand, the mortar could have weakened and caused cracks in the crown. But for you, the origin of the damage is not as important as hiring a good Denver chimney repair service to fix it.

When It’s Time to Call a Denver Chimney Repair Expert

If you notice cracks, you should not waste time calling a Denver chimney repair expert. A chimney professional will use laymen’s terms to help you understand what happened. They will also explain the consequences of not having your chimney repaired in a timely manner. Minus drama and sales tactics, they know it is best to educate you on whether the damages make your chimney less safe.

Typically, there are four primary reasons that lead to deficiencies. Whether it is an abused rain cover or a worn crown, look for a repair expert that will explain the damage and your options.

4 Reasons Your Chimney is Damaged

1. Latent Defects

Latent defects are ones that were built into the chimney system when it was installed in your home. Although most manufactured systems are designed and built at a factory, these types of defects are not noticeable during installation. The damage could be from poor workmanship or not following installation guides.

2. Regular Wear and Tear

Exposure to outdoor and indoor temperature swings can lead to normal wear and tear. Some things are unavoidable even if you take good care of your chimney. A Denver chimney repair service can offer tips on minimizing some things that might occur.

3. Moisture

Moisture is the third reason your chimney becomes damaged. Unfortunately, this one can create the most problems for a Denver repair expert to resolve. Damage from moisture may start subtly while destroying your chimney over a long period of time.

Natural Causes

Natural causes can also lead calling a Denver chimney repair expert. Lightning strikes after a midnight storm, a malfunctioning appliance and other events are all culprits for this type of damage.

Another troubling fact is that one reason for the damage can lead to another deficiency. A good Denver Chimney repair professional will concentrate their efforts on resolving the issue. Doing this will avoid a likely a reoccurrence.

The good news for you is figuring out which defect applies to your chimney is not your concern. Instead, you can rely on professional experts Masters Services to isolate the problem and provide the best Denver repair service so you can safely enjoy your chimney all winter.