When was your last chimney cleaning in Denver?

When was your last chimney cleaning? Your last chimney inspection? Do you know what the chase of your chimney looks like? Any idea how the inside of your chimney looks? All of these things are factors in the deterioration or upkeep of your chimney and fireplace. Having fires when you have parts of the puzzle damaged is like playing roulette with your home and safety. I don't recommend it.

Winter is just around the corner!

When I start feeling that winter is coming there are a few things I get extremely excited about, hot chocolate, crock pot meals, baking and lighting a fire on cooler nights. Safety is my first concern. Making sure there is nothing that could compromise my chimney is the first thing I get checked.

At Masters Services (303) 720-7096, a full chimney inspection is built into the price of a chimney cleaning in Denver, this is because our priority is to ensure that you and your home are safe when burning in your fireplace. We have been in business for over 16 years and are here to help you with whatever is needed in terms of cleaning and repairs to your fireplace to ensure it is safe.

Call Masters Services for help!

When it is time for you to get a chimney cleaning in Denver, call Masters Services for help. We are Certified Chimney Professionals as well as being a custom chimney cap fabricator.

Our chimney caps come with transferable Lifetime Warranties, this is because we make them ourselves and can monitor the quality of production here in house.


Getting a chimney inspection is the only way to know.

The only way to know what is going on in your chimney is through getting a chimney inspection. If you are missing a cap, need damper repairs, have Stage 3 build up and so on. This can all be corrected. The key is to get to it fast so the corrections are not thousands of dollars in repairs.

Masters Services (303) 720-7096 can help you with a chimney cleaning in Denver as well as any needed repairs.