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Bird or Animal Removal from Chimney

Hire a Certified Chimney Professional for a bird removal from chimney or an animal removal from your chimney.

Denver Birds in Chimney

Nesting debris creates a fire hazard, and you would be shocked if you knew what can live, or better yet die in your chimney: Raccoons, squirrels, birds, snakes, ducks, and rats.


How are the animals able to enter your chimney and fireplace?

There are a few conditions that make it easier for animals to get into your chimney:
  • No existing chimney cap in place.
  • Chimney cap has damage, including rusting or missing animal guard.
  • Damage or breakdown of your chase, including rotting of the chase which has allowed the animal to easily gain access.


Chimney Swifts are a federally protected bird.


One of the most common birds that homeowners find in their chimneys are the Chimney Swift. This bird is a federally protected animal due to its lessening numbers. Chimney Swifts do not like to stay in one place for long, if they are in your chimney it is for nesting purposes. They are not to be relocated under this federal law in order to protect the chicks and keep them alive. It normally takes 2-3 weeks until the birds are able to fly and leave your chimney on their own. It is with that in mind that we established our federally approved method for addressing the issue of birds in your chimney.

When we come to your home we will establish the area that the birds are in in your chimney and place a heavy duty foam above the damper to eliminate the sound. We then preform a full inspection on your chimney to establish how the birds got into your chimney and what needs to be corrected so this does not occur again. The foam will remain until the birds fly away on their own. After this has occurred we return to do a chimney sweep and clean any nesting materials from your chimney as well as make any repairs to prevent reentry.

raccoons in chimney

When it comes to any other animal in your chimney we will establish the best removal or trapping plan and get the animals out. Chimney caps and repairs are necessary after the removal to keep out other critters or even family members of the already removed critter. The pheromones left behind attract future invaders usually within the next few weeks.

Raccoon Removal from Attic Houston

Our technicians specialize in humane services for bird or animal removal from your chimney, attic, garage, or property. We can handle any small or big job. Raccoons in attic? Armadillo digging up flower beds? Rats? Squirrel in the chimney? Dead carcass on your property? Contact us for fast, friendly, and successful nuisance wildlife removal.

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