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Dallas Bat Control & Removal

Masters Services offers professional services for bat control & bat removal in Dallas using humane and effective methods. Our team of experts in wildlife removal have been trained to properly remove bats, as well as spot the signs of them and repair any trouble spots in your home that have been damaged.

Signs You Need Bat Control

Because bats tend to hide during the day, it can be tough to know if you need bat control & bat removal in Dallas. Bats can find residence in multiple places such as attics, fireplaces, barns, and storage sheds. To get a better understanding of how many bats are in your area, look for places at dusk that are well lit and attract a good amount of bugs.

Often, you’ll see bats swooping in and out of these areas as they eat. Other signs to alert you that there are bats is if you see droppings from them or if you hear them in your fireplace. Bats are generally very quiet, unless they are startled, so don’t count on hearing them to know if you have a problem. If you suspect that there is a bat issue, give us a call whether you hear them or not and we’ll come check it out. We are located at 11245 Goodnight Ln #35, Dallas, TX 75229 and can be reached via phone (972) 877-4650.

What to Look for in a Bat Removal Company

Bats are very important for our natural surroundings because they eat bothersome bugs such as mosquitoes. They also help out people who farm and garden because one of their favorite foods at dusk is bugs that eat plant life. However, that doesn’t mean that when you see a bat you should just let it be. In many cases, bats can also be a problem because they invade the personal space of your property.

When you’re looking for a bat control and removal company in Dallas, take care in choosing one that uses humane methods and has an understanding of a bat’s role in the environment. Bat removal is more than just taking the bat out of the property; it’s making sure that the entire process is handled correctly and professionally from the inspection to the final clean up.

Our Reliable Methods

We never skip a single part of our procedure because we know that each step we take works together to give you a full service bat removal. Our inspections are thorough and precise, so we’ll find where the bats enter your home, where they sleep, and roughly how large your infestation is. We use these reliable methods because they’ve proven themselves to be the most effective. Once the bats have been removed, we can repair and secure the entry spot, as well as dispose of waste and clean the mess the bats have made.

Reach Out to Us Today!

Masters Services is here for you, so make that call today if you need bat control & bat removal in Dallas. We’ll schedule an appointment that’s convenient and give you a no obligations quote for our services. It won’t be long before you can have peace of mind that bats won’t be bothering you anymore.

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