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Noises from the attic?

Need an animal removed from the attic?

Masters Services specializes in nuisance wildlife removal from attics.

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Possible animals in your attic...



Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal Procedures for an Animal in the Attic:

  • Listen. Try to pin point the location of the animal.
  • Search. Look outside for any entry points into the attic. Any visual damage?
  • Safety. Do not go into attic if you are unsure of the identity of the animal.
  • Call. Call Masters Services for a free evaluation for removal, repairs, clean up, and to sanitize.


Masters Services Guarantee

Masters Services will provide an honest successful estimate and follow up with that in a timely, professional, and perform a quick resolution to you animal in the attic issue. We know many different methods to insure the fastest removal of any other service. We will not stop until the animal is GONE!



How to Remove an Animal from an Attic

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